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Good morning everyone, this is @bigeolamt again, this morning I just started reflecting on everything that has happened during the camping period. A lot really happened, even though I am claiming it was fun but that’s for me. For some family it was a big loss, and for another family it was pain.



At this point, I have to acknowledge God, although I promised that here on steemit I will rather remain neutral in all my post and not bring anything religious into my write-ups, but right now I can stand by that again, it is only God that can be this faithful to us. Therefore, I thank God for protecting me before, during and after the camping period.

When we all came into the camp there was no single casualties ,many of us traveled long hours before we could reach camp, some even spent days on the road, I for instance it took 15hrs journey to get to our camping ground. We were drilled by soldiers, we ate food that are not really palatable, we were insulted by fellow corp members, soldiers, camp officials e.t.c Many fell sick, some were taken advantage of, the list of occurrence continues till infinity.



However, all these were endured and the last day of the camping came, when everyone was happy to leave the camp and either go to their place of primary assignment or go to where they were relocated to . This fateful morning we went to the parade ground for the camp passing out parade and immediately after the parade we were given our posting letters and relocation letters respectively. Everyone went to the camp park and entered bus.



My bus was among the first 10 buses to take off, the driver was a calm and slow driver, infact every one on that bus were abusing him and telling him to go faster, we actually went in convoy to our PPA, even though we were complaining this man is slow he was still the fastest of all the buses we took, they were all very slow, at this point we just shut our mouths and started gisting hoping that we will at least get there one day. Eventually we got there and we alighted savely no casualties.

Meanwhile, shortly after we got to our place of primary assignment, we received some calls from some of our friends whose PPA were different from ours about a ghastly automobile accident that claim the life of girl instantly and left about 3 injured, the cause of the accident was not clear to us but as reported, the driver was racing with another fellow driver and ran into a ditch. This was so sad and unimaginable, how can a girl that left his parents hale and hearty be brought to her parents, injured or dead but God knows the best. May her gentle soul rest in peace.


Even after these whole series of occurrence, I sat and thought, I journeyed 15hrs from my place to camp, I journeyed 3hrs from camp to my PPA , I journeyed another 15hrs back home and there was no casualties, even someone that journeyed 30mins had accident, who am I? what do I have? Its not as if I am righteous than those people, its not as if they are the worst sinners on earth. I return all glory to God, it can only be him, nobody else.
Everyone on steemit I want you to shout three wonderful HALLELUJAH on my behalf.
Glory be to God
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Thanks everyone, I love you all.

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Camp experience is really awesome. I want to believe you really enjoyed yourself


Lol, boss boss, i did, hope you read d post sha?

Only God can do what no man can do.


Yes oo.. All glory to jah... He is gracious

Glory to God


Hallelujah praise the Lord Jesus Christ