Poor people VS Rich people! LEARN!

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Just a little rant I had figured it would be good for others to read:

ever notice ppl who complain about their bills are the SAME ppl who overspend for xmas?
see all these ppl asking for money or pawning shit rn
bitching online they broke
SAME ppl overspent for their kids last month
buy their kids nike air jordans
and brag like omg i do it for my kids
yeah and thats why you about to have your electricity shut off dumbass
i didn't go into debt last month
just to brag online about what i got mmy kid
ppl wonder why they stay poor lol
well the rich don't go into debt to buy electronics and shoes!
the rich buy ASSETS for their family that incur interest NOT COST THEM INTEREST!
so when their kid turns 18 that stupid ps4 or iphone is worthless but the rich kid's portfolio is worth 10x maybe 100x or even more!
THAT is the difference between poor people and rich people!
NEVER go into bad debt just to buy things like cars and electronics and clothes that go DOWN in value over time!

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This is true. Kiyosaki would say that it isn't an asset if it doesn't generate an income - controversial semantics but he's right. Got my niece a small portfolio for Christmas - but I made her work for it and her present was the bonus topup.


I just read one of Kiyosaki's book last week :)


Love that! My daughter got $5 from someone and said she wanted something stupid forget what it was let's just say a doll she already had 12 of. I said it was her money but if she wanted I could invest it instead, she decided to invest it. It's already worth $14 which for $5 is a big return! Plus she learned a good lesson!

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