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I have come to understand through my own life's experiences that life is much like an institution. As life goes on we go through situations and incidents that we often don't look at as lessons but if you stand back and really observe things you will see them as just that. If you are a person that is always looking to better oneself or advance you look for ways to correct or improve interactions and relationships which causes for reflection. during this reflection you should begin to see where you could've done something different and got a better outcome. I believe that doing this helps shape us into tyhe people we desire to be and that if we do not grow or learn from things we can get stuck on a lower functioning level. so what I am kind of wondering is if most people think this way or do most just live through things without much reflection . If you never look at yourself , are you always judging another?

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every bad situation i have ever been in i remember and i always think of what i could of done to better myself always gets so pumped up thinking but no point thinking its over and done with you just got to get on but dont let that tricked you back into them situations your learn by them and gain knowledge of ways around it or not to do it again thats what i think

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