Children's of Christ grand presentation!

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We are proudly present to you the Vacation Bible School 2018 Kids in Praise Presentation.

They are dancing gracefully for the Lord. It is open to all kids in the neighborhood ages 4-16 who seek for spiritual nourishment and who want to spend quality time with the Lord.

It is also our way of helping the participants prepare for the Opening of Classes for we will be giving them school supplies during our recognition day.


Every summer our Church had a Bible School and giving all the Childrens books pencils paper plastic envelope,everything they need for the next opening of school!

We would like to thanks all who donated some cash and books.

Thank you so much to all kindhearted people!

If you have not done voting your witnesses yet you can vote here!

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Made and Owned by @dunsky

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GOD bless Us All!DQmccTWKR6N95rTiVuGMaGzDF8wg8KxPnjkGbyuXVZujira.png

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Ohh wonderful kids. Praise the Lord.
Thanks for the work


indeed friend,Praise God!

God bless you and those involved in spreading His Word. Have a blessed day.


Thank you @dswigle

Have a Blessed day ahead!