Word of peace

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"Lift the veil off your eyes"

All the creatures of the world are looking for peace. And this is not about today. This is going on since centuries. You're searching for the thing which is within you. The God which is within you... and till you don't find God, you will never find peace in your lives. There will be no peace. The one who has everything will not be at peace and the one who has nothing will not be at peace.
Why? That is because till you don't experience peace in your lives, until then, a human will never had that real peace in life.
"Premiered Rawat"

Enjoy this life.
This is what you have been given. This is your opportunity.
Some things in life will be bad and some things will be good.
Life is not about the bad.
The most important thing is that you have this opportunity to be alive.
Just accept that. It's an incredible gift.
Enjoy this life. It's so important that you do.
Everything is there to make the impossible possible.

-Prem Rawat

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