First Think We Need To Do!

in life •  11 months ago

When ever we face problems we try to resolve it our ownself and make more mistakes. When things go wrong on the work of our own ability we blame God for not helping us. We need to know first if we are capable to handle things on our own. Anything we do or start to do, we always should ask for God's involvement and presence so we don't fall short and we succeed in life.


Unfortunately prayer is the last on human mind. Prayer should be the first weapon a human should be using. We should not forget Jesus fought many battle for me and you by first praying to the father at all times. Asking the father for direction. Making God your ultimate GPS and having faith in God will always help me and you to overcome any small or big battle of our life.

So here after make up to yourself and put together some time to pray to God and have him get involved in your day to day life situation.

Thank you.

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I agree,,, before doing the activity the better we prayed beforehand. So that every activity we do good is fine..
Thx for sharing infrmation..

Excellent post thanks for sharing

great posting