Friends I'm back!

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Friends I have been a little absent from the platform due to technical problems with the internet in my area of residence, for no one is a secret the electrical and economic situation of the country where I live Venezuela. It turns out that due to a failure in the servers that distribute the Internet in my area I have been without this service for more than 2 months, to return and I hope this time it will be to stay.

I have published only post of the contest because it is my obligation to wear it in the established deadlines and yet I have been very difficult to publish on time, today I apologize for my absence and I return repowered and eager to write again here, I missed them much I already want to see all their stories.

With Love Beta ❤️ ❤️

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Thanks for your attention!



Good to see you Back.

It's always good to take a little break to come back Stronger.

Thanks dear!
Yes, you're right.

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