How can I strengthen my memory?

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How can I strengthen my memory?

Take enough sleep

Sleeping is a priority. Sleep has an important role to play in memory enhancement and memory retrieval. According to some recent research from the University of Lübeck in Germany, the mind stores and categorizes information and memories. Enough sleep affects the recovery of information, strengthening the cognitive abilities of the person, and that the compensation of sleep hours no matter how long will not help to restore memories and information forgotten. [1]


Several studies have shown that strong memory is linked to exercise . One of these studies was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It proved that aerobic exercises such as jogging and swimming significantly increase the size of the brain hippocampus, The storage of verbal memory and things that are learned, and increasing the movement of the body increases the flow of blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain. [1]


Daydreams help to improve memory, and many studies have shown that keeping the mind in constant wandering and movement helps to visualize and store better. [1]

Brain Feeding

The percentage of pure fat in the brain is 50% to 60%. It is responsible for the isolation of many neurons. The more isolated the cell, the faster the thinking and sending of messages, so be careful to eat healthy, which contains the fat needed for memory, Foods: leafy vegetables, fish such as: mackerel, salmon, anchovy, whole fat milk for children, because their brains need healthy fats needed for growth. [2]

Teaching others and sharing experiences

Psychologists and teachers have shown that mutual learning, or teaching students to other students, helps to increase understanding and easier retrieval of information, as well as reading aloud. It improves memory and helps to remember information faster. [2]

Continue learning

Some scientists believe that continuing education helps keep the memory strong and improves mental functioning to old age because it keeps the mind active. There are some functions and activities that keep the mind active too; like reading, learning a new skill or hobby, playing chess, joining a book club, Intelligence and puzzles. [3]

Use all senses

The more the senses were used during learning, the more the brain interacted with events and recovered the memory better. A study was conducted based on viewing a group of images with a certain odor and other set of images but without smells. The experimenters were asked to remember what they saw earlier and the result They remembered well the images that were associated with smells; CT scans indicated that the area responsible for treating odors in the brain, the pores, became active when people saw images associated with odors. [3]


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By: Solafa Dahlan

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thanks for this well done summary!

Powerful post.thank yoy so much for the eye opener. Sleep is obviously a very practical way of improving the memory.

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Sleep... so important... but how can you sleep when there is Steem?

Sleep, water and exercise. I've heard that people do not drink NEAR enough water.

Who are you? You make me curious. A neurosurgeon or neuro what?

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Ys I know about that that observation is so right

Thank you for this post. My memory becomes weaker and weaker. I forgot all bad things in my life. :D

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