Family problems and how to solve them -Definition and Classification-

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The family

The family is the nucleus of human society , the main incubator of its members and an essential source of happiness, tranquility and stability for them. But there is almost no family without differences or problems from time to time. Differences of opinion from the Sunnah of God in creation, God has created different human beings, each person has his own personality traits and tendencies, which is different from the other, you see the husband loves something that the wife does not like In the eyes of children, they want to do business that parents do not want. [1]

Definition of family problems

Family problems means a kind of troubled relationship between family members which in turn leads to tensions, whether these problems result from the misconduct of a family member or the two main parties, and the frequent quarrels and differences between parents, or between children or between children and parents Make the family in turmoil, and lose the children's prestige, respect and belonging to the family. [2]

Family problems are defined by several definitions, including: (situations and critical and puzzling issues facing the individual require a solution, and reduce the vitality and effectiveness and production and the degree of adaptation to himself and with the community in which he lives). [3]

Classification of family problems

There are many classifications of family problems, including: [2]

  • Psychological and emotional problems: It is due to the difference in the cases of family members mood and nervous , and ways of their emotions towards the surrounding circumstances.

  • Cultural problems: the result of different parents in customs and traditions depending on the different way of origin and breeding each.

  • Economic problems: They are caused by the deteriorating financial situation of the family, whether due to internal or external factors.

  • Health problems: such as chronic diseases or accidental diseases that face a family member.

  • Social problems: because of the family relationship with parents' relatives and the relationship of parents to some of them.

  • Problems of social roles: because of the lack of clarity of the role of each individual within the family, and the multiplicity of roles and struggle, which leads to a disagreement within the family.

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By: Talal Mishal


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one of the cause of family problems is having no time to spend to our love ones because of our job or work ..though, we should know to balanace our time at work and at our family

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