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One day during Sunday mass in the chapel,when we were in the minor seminary,the priest was preaching about how we are created in the image and likeness of God,he talked about how we resemble God and are His children.
All of a sudden two students started to fight,the fight was so violent,other students had to intervene to calm the situation,it caused confusion during the mass.
After the mass,the major seminarian on pastoral year called the two students involved and inquired to know why they were fighting during the mass,he was very angry,his eyes was red shoot.
This is what played out,when the priest talked about how we resemble God and are made in His image and likeness,one of the boys turned and looked at the other and said “If GOD looks like YOU,then GOD must be VERY UGLY" he said it and started laughing,this made the other guy angry and it caused the fight,but sincerely the guy was not too handsome,but I guess the other fellow took it literally.
Over the years,I still reflect on this incident,what image of God do I give to people who are not Catholics or Christians,when people see me,do they see a handsome God or an ugly God,what does my life reflect?.
In your day to day life,how do you treat people,how do you image God to people,does your life show the handsomeness and beauty of God?
How many souls have I won to God in the cause of my several Apostolic work?
How many souls have you won to God by your way of life?


When people see you, do they see God speaking to them through your life?
Most people in our society don't read the Bible or go to church,our lives are the only Bible they read,which verses of the Bible are you opening by your life?
Is your life showing the world a Handsome God or and ugly God?
God or Nothing.
God ever everything.

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