The importance of peace in our lives

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The importance of peace in our lives

The concept of peace

Peace in its broad sense does not mean the end of conflict and adversity only, but may require the establishment of a package of vocabulary, values, attitudes and customs based on full respect for the principles of sovereignty, fundamental freedoms and human rights , dialogue and cooperation among peoples and cultures, Peoples to go against options against their will. [1]

The British historian Arnold Toynbee knew peace by saying: "Live and let others live." He meant that peace should be given to the people so that it could be acquired as a public case. [2] Since peace is a blessing for mankind, violence and war are a curse, and peace is love and coexistence. War is hostility and division. [3]

War is the opposite of peace

All the peoples of the whole world have been stricken by wars and conflicts over the course of time. Today everyone aspires to peace that responds to their hopes and aspirations and provides them with a free life without fear of missiles of any kind, bullets, bombs or nuclear weapons . These things frighten adults, destroy the children's childhood, Establishments, Civilizations and the Historical Legacy of Homeland.

All the peoples of the world have been forced to reach the great aspiration of all, founded and supported by all the heavenly religions over time; they have all called for love, compassion, brotherhood, love and the building of a common future among all peoples, races and races. God attributed to him within his names beautiful , a greeting of Muslims, and to invite all of the prophets, which is named after the completion of the prayer like the commandment of God revealed to the land in order to believe in the people and the community holds. [4]

In its preamble, the UNESCO Constitution contains several points: (Since wars are born in the minds of men, in their minds they must build the bastions of peace). [5]

The importance of peace in the life of the individual

The role of peace, reconciliation and compassion in everyday life can never be neglected; human beings have been created to live in peace, safety and tranquility; they have not been created to kill and annihilate. What can be achieved in times of peace is more than what can be achieved in bloody conflicts, wars and human catastrophes . Peace in life with the following points:

Peace turns evil into good

The human race has a unique trait, which is the conversion of negative to positive, according to the German psychologist Alfred Adler, and this trait can only be achieved by the psychological stability achieved by peace, the human brain as a treasure of infinite power, if the loss of self-confidence in times of crisis and war it will not benefit Of his mental ability in a meaningful way, as wars and destruction are an obstacle to human development, because they stop the causes of tranquility and tranquility and stability.

When a person can maintain peace at all times, many possibilities open up to him, and this is what happens when the negative is turned into positive. [6]

The effects of peace permeate all objects

Peace is important for all living beings on Earth or in the space around the Earth, and not only for humans, because the absence of peace and security and the spread of wars outweigh its impact, devastation and destruction beyond the limits of its imaginations; animals are damaged, their homes and environments are burned, And vegetation cover that benefits both the animal and the human, and the depletion of resources. The effects of war and lack of peace on the environment are divided into two parts: [7]

  • Direct effects : environmental pollution caused by artillery shelling of industrial sites, deliberate destruction of natural resources , military remnants and the destruction of targeted infrastructure.

  • Indirect effects : the environmental effects left by displaced people, the collapse of the administrative system planned for the preservation of the environment, and the preoccupation of people and governments after the wars of shelter, feeding and reconstruction, all funding goes to these ends and there is no funding for the protection of the environment.

Peace protects people from disease

The absence of peace and security causes a number of mental disorders and mental illnesses. These mental illnesses may lead to physical diseases that spread among many people. This is evident to the peoples participating in the first and second world wars. The numbers of people with depression, hysteria, phobia, schizophrenia, anxiety, . [8]

Here are some other points that illustrate the importance of peace in life: [4]

  • Through peace, a person can broadcast his ideas which may have been destroyed during the wars with violence and destruction, or at least distorted, so the Messenger of Allah Muhammad - peace be upon him - and despite the difficult conditions that the infidels imposed on Muslims in the Hudaybiyah reconciliation , In exchange for keeping the truce ten years between the Muslims and the infidels of Mecca.

  • Peace enables peoples to learn, acquire and disseminate culture, build civilizations, and promote the state economically and socially; building can only take place in times of peace and security.

  • Peace makes people sufficiently aware of the danger of getting involved in wars, their preoccupation with their demands and their impact on them, which will cost them their lives in exchange for this human arrogance.

  • It is peace that paves the way for warlords who would be in the interest of making wars and igniting them, and who wish for a long time to increase their profits from weapons and ammunition, thereby increasing their profits and greed. Wars provide the worst of man, strengthen him in favor of evil and the destruction of humanity, and peace provides the best of it.

  • Peace is an encouraging environment for creativity and its means; it is what motivates people to creativity and increase beauty and production, unlike wars that produce destruction, destruction and corruption.

  • Peace moves man to high heavenly spiritual horizons, encouraging the spread of spirituality and tranquility and spreading among peoples.

  • Peace brings people together and brings them together to love and co-exist, and wars divide them and cut off their offspring and exterminate them.

  • Peace brings humanity to the level of civilized social existence, while wars lead peoples towards sliding into barbarism.


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By Mohamed Marwan


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Beautiful topic, we can see how important peace is... but it so difficult to know how to bring peace, how to avoid wars and violence, I suppose we have to begin to feel the peace by ourself, give love, help others and try to inspire others to do the same.

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