Do not forget your neighbors

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Part of the commandment in the bible is 'love thy neighbor as thyself'. So who is your neighbor, your neighbor is anyone you come across. Remember that the things you have and most often take for granted so many people are in need of them. Let take the simplest thing as oxygen, yes it sound simple because we breath freely, but let be reminded that they are people in hospitals being feed oxygen for at a huge cost. We can eat freely, and our body can digest the food naturally, they are people in need of food, while they are others who can't even eat. Remembering these things should move us to humility and to be grateful daily to OUR CREATOR. We should also take a look at what we have, that others need. It most not necessarily be money, the best gift is when given at the greatest need. So check within yourself, what life has blessed you with, pass on the blessings, do not keep it to yourself, remember others. Giving shouldn't only be material but you can say a word of prayer for others. Prayers takes form and shape and depending on the purity of the usher it works. so never take prayers for granted.

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