How Our Dead Family Pet Became A Tree

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Our 13 year old Pekingese "Popup" died a couple of weeks ago. While she was very old, it still came as a shock, and has been something we have needed to continually process together as a family.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 11.05.14 AM.jpg

I decided to purchase a "Bio Urn" to help teach my daughter and her friends about the cycle of life, and as a way of creating a sense of closure for our family.



It is recommended to plant seeds in the Bio Urn on top of the ashes, mixed with soil, but we decided to get a baby plant instead. We chose an indoor plant, something domestic and cosy, as it felt like a good representation of Popup's personality/character.


It was healing and almost..."fun" setting up for the memorial ceremony as a family. We printed out some photos of Popup to display and created a sweet space to host our guests.


My daughter invited her closest friends, and we invited a few neighbors. When everyone was here I read a short prayer aloud...


Then we took turns sharing memories and stories about Popup. The kids were so sweet sharing their funny and silly memories of our old dog.

Once this was complete, my daughter poured Popup's ashes into the Bio Urn and then added the plant on top.



The kids and adults took turns adding water and saying goodbye. I explained that in nature, there are no endings. Everything moves in cycles and this was our way of allowing Popup to continue to be part of nature, in a new way.



As the ritual finished, we felt a calm descend on the group. It was a beautiful ceremony and I think the reality of our loss sunk in a little further.

The cycle continues...



Man.... this post just made me remember my dog and I'm all emotional now... its amazing how special these little creatures are to us, thanks for sharing.

Its a bittersweet thing to love deeply!

Aww sorry about Popup. It's hard even when they're old and you know it's coming. The plant you picked for her pot looks really nice, hope it grows strong and well :)


Thank you so much

How nice. I would like one for myself when the time comes.

Me too! But my daughter says she wants to do this :)

Aw sorry, your dog died. I love these pod things though. I want to be buried in one of them (or scattered wherever--I'm good with either).

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