Happy New Year Steemians!

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I don't know about you, but this year has been full of incredible joy and yet there have also been moments of deep sadness. For me, the joy has been centred around my family, especially my Fiance and two children, and the incredible hope that blockchain technologies have given them, given us all for the future. For the first time in my life, I have actually started to believe that we can change the world. I have also realised just how much I want the world to change, not just for myself, or my own family, but for everyone.

This year, many people I care about have lost loved ones or have had the unfortunate news that a loved one is very sick. My brother had open heart surgery and we have been doing what we could for our elderly neighbor who has been fighting cancer. Witnessing all of this, being a part of these struggles and being aware of the devastation of war, plaguing our planet, I find the only way to find the joy is to remember what is important. There is only one thing that is important me and that is the chance to love those around me and have adventures and laugh. Or to be there to hold them, to dry their tears, to give them hope, to show them they are never alone. We can all do that as best we can, but when we are connected in the right way, we can do that for everyone, near and far. We can have a material difference to the lives of those who are struggling against incredible adversity many of us can barely comprehend.

I'm sorry....I'm aware that this is rather rambling. To articulate some of this is extremely hard.

I'll finish with this. When you are chasing your dreams, try to chase the ones where everyone wins.

Big love and happy new year

Happy Steeming

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I love you Ben! This is a very beautiful and powerful message! I've resteeemed!


I love you too bud! I hope you have the most wonderful new year. You are an engine of hope and lift us all. Thank you.

Wish you more for your happiness and success in 2018 ! Hope this year will help you to forget everything you faced in 2017 !! Millions of wishes dear @benjojo !


You are very kind but I hope to remember all of it, the good and the bad. Happy new year!


Thank you so much my friend ! Wish you for your new year !!

Great Post - Happy New Year to all and let's share Love Love and only Love This Year - No Hate No Wars No Negativity but lots of HEALTH AND WEALTH TO EVERYONE.

Happy New Yeaaar !!


You toooooo! 🥂

I look back on this year in 2 ways, before steemit and after steemit. I can tell you the community here at steemit rocks my heart and soul on how we truly are a borderless online community that goes so far beyond what just one can do and come together as a world and we can move mountains!


Just wonderful. I couldn't agree more. There is so much of value here and it all resides in the community.


It is the people!

Ramble as much as you want to when you finish with lines like this

When you are chasing your dreams, try to chase the ones where everyone wins.

Thanks for that :)

Happy New Year @benjojo


Thank you 😊 Happy new year to you too.

All the best @benjojo... HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Thank you bud! Happy new year!

Don't say sorry, I totally agree with you!
At the end only those moments can add spice to your life what you spend with your loved ones... So take care! And wish you a healthy and joyful, successful new year!!!


Thank you, I wish you the same!

May you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year!


I hope the very same for you, Happy new year 🌅

Happy New Year :D wishing you all the best !!!


Happy new year. Thank you, I wish you the best too!

Happy New Year on behalf of you and my family

And your coming year is better than this year, and God will give you every happiness you are trying for.


Hopefully every year from now on will be better and better. Happy new year 🎉


Thanks for all you do for the community and for your reaching out to me this year. Meant a lot and I hope that 2017 treated you right and that this year is even better for you.


Thank you so much. Your artwork is truly inspirational and without your help, my various projects would not have been as successful. Happy new year, I hope it brings you great happiness!


Any contests coming up soon, on the go?

Happy new year!

I saw your name on @crowdfundedwhale, can you help me if you know personally @cryptos, because he didnt online for many days, thank you!

The photo at the top is keeping me up, I'm full of questions:
Are they standing in the water or swimming whilst holding up a burning object?
If they are indeed standing, how do they know when the photographer is taking the photo?
Either way, how long have they been down there?!
Is it a fake arm?
It is a very buff, humanoid fish creature?

Anyway great post happy new year to you as well.

God Bless you and Keep you Sir @benjojo
It is a happy new year for me too. :)

Happy New Year @benjojo wishing you all the best of 2018.

I'll finish with this. When you are chasing your dreams, try to chase the ones where everyone wins.

Thanks for this tip. It's very great, I'll use this to make the world a better place. Cheers and a Happy New Year once again.


Happy new year, I wish you the best for the future too. Thank you.