Black Lives Matter: True Agenda Blatantly Displayed on Website

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Lets get one thing straight: as a minority, I completely understand some of the feelings which drew so much support for the #blacklivesmatter hashtag. The news ate up stories of deaths which posed the police as a solely oppressive force and demanded sympathy for the supposed "innocent" victims who happened to be black. I agree that evil and even racism may exist in some cases and that it is okay to speak out in the name of justice where deemed necessary. But, the Black Lives Matter movement soon began to show symptoms of irrational rage and destruction of innocent business owners' property.


Now, we can talk for hours about the unnecessary destruction caused by such protests, but this is not what I want to shed light on. I want to talk about the hidden agendas behind the movement and how the website blatantly expresses what it really wants to push forward. As we know, the movement is much quieter now, and there is more room to actually talk about what they are pushing forward.

Black Lives Matter was founded by three women who used the Trayvon Martin case to pull the heart strings of the black community using a catchy hashtag. My description is overly simplistic, but it is the current state of the movement I want to draw attention to.

The "About" section of the website contains a page called "Herstory", a word being used in several places now to focus on women.


Already, one of the hidden agendas behind the movement is to focus on black feminism. The rest of the website is littered with images of black women and appears to have almost no interest in representing men. This is very ironic, considering the fact that that the movement was supposedly born because of crimes whose victims were primarily black men. If Trayvon was the inspiration, why draw so much attention to women?

The forced intersection of extreme liberal views has caused an interesting phenomenon. In order to be fully "tolerant"
and for the "movement" you must subscribe fully to defending every possible agenda that the far left is pushing. Such issues include supporting minorities, feminism, LGBTQ, Anti-Gun and several other issues. But what don't we see among these issues? MEN. And in this case, BLACK MEN.

As we know, there is an all out war on white men, as the feminist movement has demonized them and accused them of having some sort of privilege. But one look at this website and you know that it is much deeper than this. Even BLACK MEN are being ignored in some sort of twisted symptom of the far left agenda to focus on eliminating gender roles yet somehow still support WOMEN and call them by name.

The website cant even mention the word "man" , instead using "masculine of center".

of black.JPG

If this wasn't enough, just check out what their guiding principle are.


Upon reading this list, there is no mystery about their intention.

It is very confusing to me that not too long ago, there was a cry about the lack of black fathers in the household, leaving black women and children in unfortunate predicaments. And now, black men are outright ignored.

What are your thoughts?

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great post; from the jump, I have been one of the people saying that we need to pay less attention to the 'website' and more attention to the hashtag itself; The site and alot of the people calling themselves BLM 'chapters' are merely capitalists ... capitalizing ....

Black Life has never been Valued in this nation though; and it's a problem that creates additional problems; Specifically for black people - but also for others as well.

America will never reach the 'dream' it set for itself, as we continue to be a Divided Nation along the lines of race; rather than a United one.

also no offense to you but, people like Tariq Nasheed, and even the brotha who lost his life, Darren Seals, have been saying all the things you pointed out, about the website; and most of the 'groups that attach themselves' to this site;