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RE: 10 Things That Helped Me Be Creative When I Had A Creative Breakdown

in #life8 years ago

This is very helpful advice to people who have had a bit of success with posting a few articles and are thinking "What now."

Just sitting and thinking doesn't usually inspire me.

I keep something to jot down ideas or write it down in my phone. It's important not to let writing to consume you. Spend time with friends and go out in nature. You can write about whatever interests you and not the next viral trend. Writing about what you enjoy should be what you do to maintain happiness on this platform. Otherwise you will burn yourself out.

I will add some of these suggestions to my repertoire of tricks to break through writer's block.



Thanks! Glad the tips are helpful :)

Yes I also find music takes your mind to a different creative level. You focus differently and things flow in ways that touch on your emotions. You can really get lost in thought and brainstorm some great ideas.

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