Day 1: Workout101🏋 Lose belly fat in 30days

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Today I woke up so early and get up on bed at exactly 7 am to go gym. At first I did a set ups, I followed the program in the apps that i downloaded. It was fun to get back to where I used to be like before. I want to lose the belly fat, have muscle toned and lose weight.

When you are aging there's a lot of things that you need to adjust on your body. I do my best to stay fit, maybe stay young and healthy.

This is the apps tracker history. I am happy of the result even just for a beginning. Just need to push more, need more motivation, and determination to be conistent of this workout. This is gonna be a long journey to achieve the goal but at least I make a steps on it. The progress may little for now. Even it will be slow i would like to be consistent this time. I push myself to the limit cause there's nothing I can't do.

I'm not sure this will be enough but I guess I did my best today to satisfy myself by sweating. No pain, no gain. Let's do it!

Of course after sweating need to go swimming. This is how i made this weekend so productive. Happy weekend to everyone.


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Madam I suggest you to use Actifit They reward you for your activity . Use my link hahaha

I downloaded it but i don't know how to use it 😂

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Explore madam para makat.on hahah

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