Universal Update For March 1st, 2020

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Technical issues are plaguing us once again. Our 2010 model iMac is no longer able to keep up with the data intense presence. It can no longer be updated and no more recent operating system will run on it. At least not without using a lot of funds we generally don't have on a surplus basis. However, considering what the simple majority of Human Beings has to endure on a daily basis - to barely survive - the question in the loop is always there: "Why are we doing this/allowing this state of our World to be?" Who forces mankind to be mean, to exploit, to abuse, to torture, to forfeit, to kill with impunity for profit?

Since I got zapped by a Lightning/Enlightning-Strike on January 15th, the World has become visible in a new spectrum. You could also call it a new 'layer' - one that was 'non-existent' before. This layer, makes visible/reveals the relationships between every situation/occurrence that were not considered before. You will have to ask me about the details of the enlightning strike in the comment section. I am hesitant to augment this 'brief' update with the specifics of an electrical charge into my body that still keeps me puzzling as to why I am still alive. Sort of, at least. Because based on the psychological part of the experience, my entire view on Life has received an update as well. At this, it has become harder and harder to ignore the largest Tiger ever in this Tiny House.

You could say "But a Tiger is easy for you to handle. You are a Cat yourself, obviously!" True in a many ways. This is another aspect of it: it is no longer possible to not 'see-IT-as-IT-is'. You can only be a Virgin for so long. After that moment, Virginity is no longer a possibility. You may make up Your own metaphor - the essential part though is the newly augmented understanding and vision of the Two-Sided-Nature of 'Thing/ks'. There are potential benefits to no longer being a Virgin. The 'other'-side though will disagree and maintain that Life is best for a Virgin.

Which brings me to the Feline Members of our *Interspecies Club' in El Universo. YinYang has somewhat stabilized after Honeyboy's Death. She and Petey were inseparable from Honeyboy. It was obvious that Felines experience loss and that they are mourning their beloved Companions. For Felix and Oscar, Honeyboy will remain a lovely playpal for the few month they shared Honeyboy's Life. Like Honeyboy, the others have elevated levels of kidney distress, albeit nowhere near the numbers Honeyboy had. Like so many others, we are stretched thin when it comes to buy the special diet for YinYang and Peteyboy. Prices have gone through the roof - making it more difficult to live with Animals. Although our goal is of course to achieve food security and self-reliance.

For that purpose, I have started with the construction of a Foam Generator with the purpose of generating large quantities of Foam for 'Aircrete', or 'Foamed Cement'. It is this material, that will enable people to create affordable Cultivation-Space. Organic Plant/Perma-Culture - Findhorn style with open source 'high Stone Age tech'. Or Stone Age High Tech. A combination of always existing natural forces with smart open source sustainable technology. Like 'Farmbot' and the ever evolving method of 'Aeroponics'. Aeroponics are a win/win situation - provided an affordable and reliable, fail safe system is created to allow for the cultivation of kitchen herbs - 24/365. No noise, no mess - 1 m2 of any type growth environment.

You may have discovered it for Yourself already, but to me, every reiteration of the plausible law that might exist in the background - every severe emotional reaction requires at least three days to get the distance to keep going. Not really 'time heals all wounds'. More like 'three days make a difference'. The 'Three Day Difference' that is. Maybe it is 77 hours exactly, but commonly it would be referred to as the '72 hour digestion period'. At that, the mental digestion cycle is a bit, or a lot longer than the intestinal digestion. That is to make sure that the mental digestion takes place during several intestinal cycles. All parts of the Body have their equal share in the digestion of mental distress.

It took me a few minutes more to digest the fact that I was told to move out of our place. Within one year. Since we don't have the funds to buy this place, the owners want to use it for themselves. Once more I feel the gentle push by The Universe to keep going with The Flow - Wu Wei. One good supplement to go about 'going with The Flow' is in a 'Snake-bites-Itself-in-the-Tale' approach. Understanding that every thing/k is related to at least one other thing/k. Understanding that will in turn lead to a faster mental digestion cycle. We are talking Hummingbird Heart Frequency here. Or on the way to there.

The property next door is for sale and the Feline Members of the Multi Species Community have already decided that this will be the next place. Like: 'Next Place - Next Door'. That would be a novelty for us, too. Just open the fence and carry the thing/ks next door. Our house requires an enormous amount of money to be brought up to be 'healthy living'. The list of necessary repairs is as endless as its present state is deadly in the winter season. What has been voiced in various ways by all of our Family Members, is the asking The Universe to make that, or something more healthy happen. Considering the many 'Aircrete' qualities, of which affordability has a very high ranking not only in my eyes, I will now go with The Flow that is pulling us into literally new territory.

Now it has been four weeks since I started writing this March 1st update. During this time a number of events unfolded that might have you at the edge of whatever you are standing on. While I will not engage in predictions of the outcome of the various events unfolding here, I will be more than happy to sum up what humanity is experiencing at this moment in another entry. The assault on humanity by the hands of exceptionally psychopathic criminals is so wholesome, that it will soon be apparent where this train wreck is leading. The masses and their equipments to stay 'informed' and foremost alive are sabotaged at every corner.

Legions of haters saturate the discussion boards and assault any attempts of a potentially "I'm Not A Robot" contribution aimed at providing the truth for a change. Sure, lying, stealing and deceiving have been around as long as the hands of homo sapiens it utilizes to perpetrate its heinous acts, but never before were so many psychopaths and reckless haters on the tax payer paid payroll in all western, us-aligned nations. It explains that the masses are actually and factually incapacitated.

Alea iacta est.

Of course I will be available as long as it will be possible to answer any questions. The times are a changing very fast. The 'red pill'/'blue pill' analogy is unpleasantly fitting. Humanity - or at least the violent and destructive sub-species at that - has reached another fork in the road. It has to be taken, like the ones taken before. The question this time is - as every time before - to prioritize capital over Life and vanish, or to bring to an end the fascist rule of capitalism?


But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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