The characteristics of the PERFECT PENIS according to women!

in #life5 years ago (edited)

In occasion of the Science Week, I also wanted to contribute by spreading the results of a survey of a field that is almost never spoken: sexuality. And specifically, the penis. I have in fact asked 295 women between the ages of 18 and 40 to provide the perfect penis features. The fascinating results of this equally fascinating survey are below.

  1. An original curvature - so that it can reach not too frequent angles

  2. Must have met the soap at least once in the last 12 hours

  3. From 0 to boner in less than an hour

  4. Big enough to make it clear that the balls are the contour and he's the main course, not the other way round

  5. It should not leak

  6. Circumcised

  7. When I have it in hand I don’t have to feel like I'm handling an ancient Egyptian scroll

  8. I would like it to be identical to my dildo: long, big, purple

  9. Late: There's no hurry to come if I'm not even there

  10. A length-diameter ratio of at least 4 to 1

  1. More than how it looks is how you use it - you can have a Ferrari, but if you drive it like a tractor we won’t go too far

  2. Better if he has a big vein on the top side – just to be sure it’s alive

  3. A beautiful healthy color, not that purple-red that is typical of penises that are about to blind you

  4. That taste like orange and cinnamon, not expired yogurt

  5. No piercings, rings, Christmas tree balls or other hanging things

  6. Not huge - my intestine is already fucked up as it is

  7. A decent thickness - otherwise I wouldn’t need a man, I would just have a Mikado

  8. Not shaved

  9. But not even that I need Napalm to find it in the middle of your bush

  10. No matter how it is or when it comes, just let it always be announced by a cunnilingus


From 0 to boner in less than an hour ??
Where did this survey take place? In a Retirement Home?

Should not come uninvited, early or late is not allowed. Time consciousness is just perfect.

It was like a journey into the dark and deep unknown. I found it both exhilarating and terrifying.

Ahah thank man!!

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