Miracles Can Happen When We Realize We Create Our Own Reality

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We create our own realities (over time) largely by the thoughts we think. Those thoughts lead to certain behaviours and actions. The way we feel is a product of our thoughts.

I am mostly referring to the thoughts and feelings that flow through our minds and hearts when we don't even realize we are thinking or feeling them.


The secret that I have learned is to be more concious in the present moment. When I catch myself thinking destructive thoughts I come back to the present moment and feel the joy of knowing that I create my reality in the present moment and I can make that reality as bright, loving, prosperous, beautiful, happy, healthy and peaceful as I can imagine.


I have been seeking out and consuming inspiring content which has led me down a transformational path to a new reality over the last few weeks. This path has led me to more inspiring people and content that has increased my ability to create my own reality.

I have made changes that lead to greater life experiences and health. I have experienced things that I would not have experienced had I continued down the same neural pathways I was travelling.

Life has been richer.


It surprises even me that I have been getting out of bed at 5:30 AM to go jogging at the park almost every morning.

I am telling you, this is a miracle. For years I have considered 5:30 - 6:30 AM to be sacred sleeping time. I used to get up at the last possible minute to get ready and off to work.

It hasn't been easy. There has been some physical pain, nausea and a little doubt but the path has been filled mostly with joyful enthusiasm. I know that the pain and discomfort are necessary and my thoughts are leading to actions that are creating a new reality.


The photos in this post were all taken on my recent morning jogs.

I recognize they are not award-winning shots, if one exclusively judges them by their photographic qualities.

But to me they are special because they represent a significant awakening for me. A sight, an image that would never have been manifested in my old reality.

Now, I don't pretend to say I've got this all figured out and that now every moment will be bliss.

I am also not a psychiatrist or psychologist prescribing the cure for anyone's depression. I am just sharing what has helped me.

I do believe this principle can help most everyone if applied faithfully.

You create your reality through your thoughts, behaviours and actions.

I still have a lot of old habits to work on. I am fully aware that there will be many challenges and much to overcome as I move forward and this is a good thing.

I have realized that happiness does not come by trying to eliminate all challenges and hardship from my life.

I am on a journey that brings joy with each day. I am trying to envision a new life and I am beginning to believe there are endless possibilities and that I do have greater potential than I have been allowing myself to believe. Every moment a seed for a brighter future can be planted.

I understand that my new reality will come by reaping what I sow and the fruits will be paid out exponentially.

It has been harder than I expected to envision the ideal life that I want to build. I am still trying to figure that out. Maybe it means I need to spend more time feeling grateful for all the blessings I already have!

I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. I am beginning to think I never will and I think I am coming to peace with that. I feel content for now to focus on incremental improvements in things that are obvious like better health, better relationships with my loved ones and better financial well-being.

These successes will undoubtedly inspire and lead to higher paths that will be more clear in the future.


I took this photo yesterday morning while sitting on a bench that overlooks the pond.

Before I took the picture I was looking out over the pond and to my great surprise a very large fish jumped cleanly out of the water in whale-like fashion. Undoubtedly a very powerful and personalized omen from God that I am indeed on the right path.

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Excellent photography my dear friend and your photography is like a professional photographer. Your writing skills are very good. Thank you very much for sharing with us your great post

You and I need to catch up. I'd really like to hear more about this journey you're on.

I agree that a lot of what we think, feel, say, and do does shape our reality. Positive attitudes will change many of our situations into something far better than what they really are. And continuing down that path generally brings them into actuality.

I'm thinking, though, or at least it's open to interpretation, that there's more going on here than that.

I recognize where you're running. That's a fair jaunt. Have you been running all of that? If so, that's amazing. It's amazing even if you're driving yourself over there. It is a great place to walk or run around. I'm usually driving right by it. :)


Yes, it would be nice to get together. There isn't a whole lot more to it than a serious need to keep negative self talk at bay and try to get more healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have been driving to the pond and jogging around it. It is 0.7 miles per lap (per some website I read) and I have been doing 2-3 laps per morning. Nothing too impressive in the running world but a pretty big increase in physical activity for me. ;)


Hey, any physical activity is impressive to me. :)

It's still good to see you feeling better and happier, healthier, etc, especially if those are all things you want/need more of. We are both aware of the other's situation, but we're also not the other, so who knows to what extent and how much or constant, right? I'm glad you're incorporating things into our life you feel you need.

Are you finding this info on Steemit, books or other places?

  • It is amazing how stinking thinking tends to result in stinking results.
    And positive thoughts seem to attract positive situations.
    • Since this is not taught in any life skills classes, it's important to pass the info along, as you have done in this post...

🍻 Cheers


Sadly most of it has been found elsewhere, though I do recall some very positive writing you have shared, which I thank you for.

The concept is so simple but does require continuous effort (especially at the beginning as we develop the habit of positive thinking) that people tend to overlook it.

Look up Tom Bilyeu on YouTube. Lots of great content. There are others I won't name publicly because they use the F word too often, haha.


I might recommend Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy.
Of course Zig Ziglar is right up there also.
If I had to pick one, it would be Jim Rohn...
4 hours long, but a wealth of information


So far I have listened to about half the video and something that has stuck out the most is to not work harder at work but to work harder on myself. Something like that. Self development being more important than killing yourself for a job.


A job makes you a living.
What you seek outside of the job is what will make you a life.

I like the way he points out if doing what you're doing now isn't working all that great, maybe you need to change something. And that does start with changing yourself and then finding the right opportunity...

It's too bad a few simple principles any of these guys teach aren't taught in schools. They are much more important than memorizing dates of things and capitals, you know... stuff you can just look up on Google if you ever really need to know... haha


Awesome! Thank you so much! I will watch or listen to it.

Beautiful, and I agree, there is so much we can add to our lives, to each moment, and it starts with perception, perspective, attitude, principles, commitment.


Thank you so much!