Why I am Obsessed with Narwhals!

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Okay it started as a joke, talking with friends about the insipid caste system on here and petty bullshit. So we were just laughing and someone posted a song.........IT CHANGED MY LIFE, lol (update it was @konelectric who turned me on to it !)

"THE NARWHAL SONG" it's just so funny and I picture whoever made it probably was a bit Cheech and Chong'n it.

I also months ago when I started Narwhal Society , The Mermaid Brigade, it's in my groups title which I will link below. "Society for Narwhal Appreciation for Aquatic Excellence and the Mermaid Brigade"... Now that started from "Zoolander" when he did the whole "Merman" thing which also I found completely hilarious and kitschy and fun.

Good Stuff!
Here is a link to my group,
I also hang out in SteemSpeak as like a second home sooooo, there we have it, lighten up and go take a walk outside, go hold hands with someone in real life ;) , enjoy your patio with palm trees, porch, rock, special tree, barn, yurt, tinyhouse ....whatever!

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It was me. I posted that video.


AHA! yessssss Kone how are you...yes ha ha, I'll edit you in the post , hope you join up :)


Thank, I'll check it out latter.


darling.....if you would be so kind as to adjust my wings ;) lolll


I love the logo

Sweet post, It reminds me of a great idea I had for an exotic adult entertainment venture,

'Strippers with Flippers,
Mermaid Burlesque'

Basically topless women in your pool with fish bottoms, if they want to Ariel that's their problem. Could work for mermen as well, though they prefer to be called seamen.

Narwhals are just unicorns right, ones that fell in water and paddled till they wore their legs to finny nubs.


your responses are priceless and I FREAKING LOVE THEM ,

Nice, a home for all the nice narwhals.

Funny how an initial joke can grow on you so much :)


;) "you say you wanna revolution, you know...we all wanna change the world" I am pleased that people are enjoying my discord group where you can feel free to share your posts, I don't care what anyone thinks it's keeping content makers around who just join and post and the best feeling is someone who is supposed to be my "biblical" enemy winds up being a fantastic artist, steemian and now , a friend.


haha thats awesome, good for you man :)

Great Post and Work!!! Upvoted, Follow me and I Follow Back!! Regards!!

I love your posts