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I am writing this as I feel it is honestly something that might be one of my callings in this life. Being denied sleep and violently so is a form of torture, I could go on and on but won't.Con Artists and Domestic Violence in my experience and others I've personally talked to go hand in hand many times. These individuals don't come as you think they will, they will come on hard and fast and usually jump to the next "Soul Mate" dujour as soon as they see any type of escape hatch or someone to latch onto that will believe their normally sugar coated bullshit. You never know what goes on behind closed doors or who this post will reach but if it helps even one person see through an often masked in "Guru Love and Light" woe is me explanations for making others lives living hells behind the scenes then am glad I wrote this.

Gaslighting- "you are exaggerating, lying, crazy, possessed...whatever it is that takes the lime light off of them to make you reclusive, in a perpetual state of walking on eggshells. They will keep up one hell of an act, they tend never to write like this, it's often some weird rant of circular logic of how angelic they are and that everyone else is the devil who disagrees. A criminal record that is very long and body cams on Officers tend to tell a different story than what some want to project. I don't understand how anyone can treat other humans like this and have zero humanity in it besides just babbling the usual Narcissistic, Ego filled crap.

"Elephant Journal" Excellent Article

They often don't pay taxes, dodge bills or having any real stability or are involved in illegal instant gratification type activities in a lot of scenarios. Every ex they ever had is the devil and you are the "magical" one they've always hoped for, they literally will use the same songs, lines and such on each target. They don't come as monsters although they certainly can be and commit some of the most evil things ever and it again will be a case of gaslighting how the system, or the family or the boss or whoever is the cause of their shiftless lives.


Many move a lot, not talking within the same basic geographic area. I mean they will have lived or been in literally every state and leave behind a criminal record to prove it. Problems with Authority are also very common and the thing is that at some point they will dance with the wrong people, usually will screw up and someone will witness abuse or the Con in action or they go at Law Enforcement.
These people eventually slip up and know it, A Restraining and Stay Away Order is just that. Do not be afraid to stand up and involve neighbors, friends and law enforcement. Normally neighbors will get sick of hearing door slamming or you being thrown around or whatever they are doing to bully or manipulate you.

Don't be Afraid, Don't "Shut up and put up with threats" and most Important realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Message me on Discord @BattleAxe {INTJ-A} if you need help navigating this process or need to get out.

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Great Post My Friend @battleaxe

The most complicated factor here on earth are humans. Thanks for speaking up my dear Narwhal and good luck with your own journey!


that's for sure

It's important to learn the signs of these type of people so that you can spare yourself the pain of getting to know one.


completely agree,

It's truly so difficult to spot them before it's too late. They come on fast and hard, Love Bombing you with feel goods and happys and I love yous, from the very beginning. They are cunning and capture their prey with their wily wicked ways, and before you even have a chance to reel from all the uplifting, you find yourself in their teeth, and you can't get out.

Well yes, you can get out, but it takes a profound amount of strength and they have manipulative ways of yanking that from you too, much like the tablecloth from the china.

Thanks for sharing. There are ways out. I am an advocate if if anyone ever is in need ❤


spot on, glad to meet other advocates

I love your article! I upvoted and resteemed !


thank you , appreciated

People are not always what they seem, but we hope for the best anyways. Interesting read!


nope they sure aren't , I always remember that a lot of evil comes in unforseen or unexpected packages

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Great blog and great posts , Well you say the truth , Governments and politicians destroy everything . by the way I like that gif of Deniro , Great Actor. thank you for sharing this article.

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I had a friend like this once. I found reading 'Snakes in Suits' helpful in coming to terms with the experience. I didn't actually finish reading the book, but the parts I read were super useful. I should finish it sometime...


the more light and love and "enlightened" and special snowflake they claim to be the more red flags should be raised imho, remember Jim Jones? ......just sayin, book sounds good