RE: Where in the world is that loudmouth asshole, SirCork at?

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Where in the world is that loudmouth asshole, SirCork at?

in life •  6 months ago

I just stumbled on this today, ironic i guess
this "world" has a disturbing grey moral ambiguity at times which has often made me wonder if it's a damn psy-ops or something.....what I choose to take away are some of the people and groups I stick around for . Mixing social media and money is like a lab experiment and for some I guess the game and bullshit is worth sticking around for, for others, it's not. The wisdom is doing what you are and doing what's right for you and nobody else. I used to want to say to anyone telling me "you do you" because I was doing too much alone ,,,,to tell them where to stick it. Now I get it and think you all are doing a great job as witness.

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Thank you. You aren't paranoid, they are out to get us. lol


I felt physically nauseaus after some of what went down, went down.
Then I felt very, very pissed off
Like volcanic level, then I still will support and work with and ally myself and keep my friendships going with those who are good people. This is purely money/biz for some and the act of it masquerading as something else is what bothers me the most. I too am an asshole at times and unapologetic. It's the ones saying they are not and are the biggest ones of all that make me pity the fact that they can not see past the ends of their own noses imho


yeah, all the things. and smoking cupcakes.