CLICK MY BAIT! An Inspirational Post for some who feel their voices are not heard :)

in life •  2 years ago

When I first started on here I remember a few saying and sending me messages how awful my posts were and useless and that I should just leave. I was told that my "unformatted" and Satirical style was not wanted or needed.......then people started upvoting, then started getting followers and people saying they liked my work and style and that it seemed that maybe it was actually hitting some valid points. Have been called every name in the book and then some yet here I am, standing my ground.


The strong survive, they may not be the most popular but the real and true survive, the ones who show compassion to others and stand up against bullshit ......survive. Then something miraculous happens, you look around and see you are not alone. Others who were scared to speak up start to
People who felt they had no voice start to feel empowered
Those about to throw in the towel don't!
The People start to rip back the veil and say We will band together and do right
The People start to self-police and stop putting up with some crap
This post is for You, you are not alone, this isn't all dog eat dog, there are great and wonderful people on here worth staying on for.
(Kill Bill)

b.a. "When you are going through Hell, Keep Going!" .....Winston Churchill

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Yes. Yes I am going back in time and reading some of your previous posts. Yes, Yes I am sharing this.


jacobts jAcΩb tweeted @ 01 Jul 2017 - 09:37 UTC

Click My Bait
@steemit… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I support battleaxe. She's the only one with battleballs.

To be honest, going with same feeling. I will be with you no matter what it takes. Steem on!


Amen to that, ditto

Gotta support my fellow Narwhals!


Narwhallian Power! :P

haters gonna hate. Narwhales ready-to-operate!


Narwhals are geared up ready for biz, post and maybe a trail to come if I have time to do it all

the real and true survive, the ones who show compassion to others and stand up against bullshit ......survive.

Now it's time to thrive! :-)


more like leave en masse


I'm just waiting for hard fork 25. Haha. No one is upvoting as much right meow.


Oh yes <3

Thanks for this. I wonder where these people are at this moment. I'm trying to find good content, but for the time being I'm not very successful. Most people are greedy...


yup, I try not to be one of them and am trying to reward good content


Then we might bot be clown fish. At least that's how I feel after your last post. :p

Consider "clicked" :)


click click meep

Everyone deserves to express their content and there is a match for every steemer :) do what you love


Amen to that

truth FTW



I clicked it.... and it was good. lol


I'd fork me, I'd fork me hard lol

Sometimes it's hard to be strong when you work hard and don't get enough in the end .


Sister, I know that feeling all too well

@Battleaxe. A warrior who does it her way. :)

I am horrified that you had that reception. I'm glad you stayed. My first post had zero mark downs. I had no concept of formatting.
Sometimes satire and sarcasm are misunderstood.
Following. Glad to find your post, and a belated welcome to you @battleaxe

I love your name, my father used to refer to his mum as a battleaxe. A term of endearment 😊

Well @battleaxe.. I had my account setup since September 2016 but I never really made the decision of posting anything. Steemit was a dull place back then anyway but not until a month ago I decided that I need to start writing.

I'm not perfect, either. I suck. I do know it. But I do have a lot of shit on my mind that I just need to say out loud!

I never had the guts, always been shy, but I've went through some really bad experiences in my life that helped in changing the way I look at a lot of things.. I'm probably still the shy person I've always been but at least I can now express myself somehow.

I know I'm not getting the attention I'd like to have but.. I know I'll get there one day.. I mean.. It's been only like a month since I started posting and I'm already at 500 followers, made a couple hundred dollars in STEEM so I'm not complaining at all.

I'm here for the long run, I'm here to have fun, I'm here to enjoy the ride.

Sorry for the long comment, I'd give you a potato but I'm out of potato pictures.


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Narwhals Unite! Keep it Going my young Narwhal!!!

nice though :)