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I love speaking about empowerment. The prayer that is always present in my heart's mentality has been to spread the word of


I love inspiring people to take control of how they feel by embracing this moment as having purpose. That everything that has happened up until this point has needed to happen to get you to this place now. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS TIME. You now have choice. You could immediately choose to start moving towards acceptance through EMPOWERMENT within emotional experience.
As a doctor, I see our health as having a purpose to teach us a lesson about this deck of cards we have been dealt. . Yes, there are things outside of your control, and at times, the most empowering thing you can do in that moment is to just FEEL. To allow emotions to fill your insides and spill out around you. To embrace the ugly cry. To be in the presence of either ceremony to release this emotional process with completion or another safe person during this experience so that you can stay grounded in reality. YOU ARE NOT THE HOLE OF DARKNESS THAT YOU FEEL. YOU ARE NOT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, but it has certainly formed you into the wisdom that now you will know the shadow of it happening again and be able to know exactly what you can do to move beyond this. Never again will this happen if you move away from the shadow of the whip.
You are wiser now with this choice. Everything that you choose from this point forward can be with purpose...the good, the hurt, the struggle, the blessings.


Thanks for this... I especially like the part that we should embrace ALL the feelings we have. Too often, it seems like people restrict themselves to a narrow range of "socially acceptable" feelings (typically "anger" and "happy") and anything else is ignored.

Empowering, good post a lot of people definitely need to see stuff like this. Looking healthy, what sort of stuff do you p do as a doctor ??

Some of my fav related quotes by some famous People

mistakes lead to corrections.
Don't run from mistakes, learn from them.
Mistakes are necessary, learn from them, seek out mistakes.

"Change happens when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of making a change"

'suffering is in the Mind'

'Appreciate what you have, Vs focusing on what you could have or what you don't have ( recipe for misery) '

keep your head down
Don't be affraid to fail/ trip,
Learn to be able to quickly make a dession

Good job on this one as well, thanks for sharing more humility with us, as well as wise words worth a whole bag of experiences!

Namaste :)

be strong and keep fighting :-)

Thank you :) I think only some of the population can hear this message. It's a big one and can take a lot to get there.

Yes, attitude is everything.

in lives choices are always there, there is no way a choice we ever be just one alone. Until we start seeing the worth of value which we carry then what we should be able to attain may just exist in our mind alone.

We do need the self belief, to add meaning to our existence. We are what we make ourself become.
Thank you for this.

And for your recovery process, you have not slacked a bit, your choices of colourful place as this is tantamount, its reminds me that life is once and ought to be lived without fears.

You spread motivate words even when you do need motivation, this is peculiar to the selflessness exhibited by Jesus.
We are all lucky to have such an examplary one as you

I will say to you something attractive. @basicbeing
You deserve the king of beauty ❤❤❤

@basicbeing YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS TIME....Love it, your perspective is one to motivate and spark hope to others. Glad I found this. Best wishes to you. - @splendorhub

wall si was chacking all my kist and i got this is so dmn good loved iy .you ar doing so mych great work