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You become your environment.
It is a weird thought, but we are completely covered in bacteria and pieces of DNA that move our destiny along its path, evolving to our surroundings as we go.
10% of our entire body mass is composed of cellular material called mitochondria.
Imagine that...of 150 lbs, 15 pounds of that is the energy producing powerhouse of our body. All of our cellular energy is derived from these cells that live within every body and blood cell, keeping it functioning.
Mitochondria have their own individual DNA. They have genetic material that moves their bodies around inside of ours, following its own life path within our body.
Every 10 seconds, the mitochondria in your heart totally consume and therefore need to replenish their entire energy source.
Your heart must contain the hardest working cells within any organ of your body. Completely sucking out its vitality millions of times in a long life, relying on the blood around it to bring its batteries more fuel.
Wonderful, precious mitochondria.

The food we consume contains a large proportion of our highest density energy source, along with water, air and light.
Vegetables contain the most valuable DNA fuel. Without variety in the food you eat, you are limiting yourself to lower numbers of potential energy sources.
Variety has the spice of life within it.

Imagine the challenge to consume 50 different foods each week

This is not an easy task but so it is in maintaining ideal health and healing.
Information is one thing, choice is a different story altogether.
Who and what do you choose to spend your time with ?
Are they people who challenge you to grow in the direction that is your highest purpose ?
Do they encourage you to stay small or motivate you to grow past the discomforts of change ?

Through the choices we make and the habits we have, we affect the complexities of how our body functions.
We can choose to bring consciousness to our body's potential to create health.
And when our body fails, it is left to our mind, emotions and spirit to carry us through those challenges.
Whether we see meaning in our experience of our health has a huge impact on our quality of life and on those who live around us.

Fia and I are planning soon to release a new potential way to connect with our messages.
There are people out there who would love to see a Naturopathic Doctor and are interested in what this practice of functional medicine has for you and your family.
Our newest intention will involve longer, more detailed videos that offer information about how the body works and hopefully some inspiration to try new body and lifestyle habits.
Let's all try something new. Outgrow your self perceived limitations.
We are excited to share ways for you to contemplate your purpose with a community who strives for the lifelong road towards recovery and wellness.

Stay tuned for more

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I am looking forward to your new initiative!

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