Ronaldo's challenge from Goalie '40 meters away from Igor

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Cristiano Ronaldo goes to be praised when being bounced on Juventus field. Even when the goal, the fans of the Italian club stood up and honored Real capital of Spain forward. And social media is running out of praise. Zlatan Ibrahimovich doesn't simply browse them in Qatar. Ibrahr conjointly contains a mingle of praise. Ronaldo fans will hear that, however assume that Ibrahim challenges Ronaldo!
Ronaldo scored a goal against Juventus in city from within the box. the gap wasn't pretty much, however the angle of taking shot, temporal arrangement and placements was fantastic. there's no mention of causing the bicycle on the pinnacle to world wide web in soccer, in soccer. however causing the ball to the horizontal height is extremely tough to send to the bicycle. In most cases, temporal arrangement is confusing. however Ronaldo's temporal arrangement and placement was good. Juventus goalkeeper Jianluigi failed to get the chance to maneuver the buffalo!

Eben praised Ronaldo's goal, "It was an honest goal. however he ought to strive forty meters away. '
What is the tune of a challenge in Ibrahr? simply took it. the previous Swedish striker conjointly contains a nice bicycle game. The 36-year-old striker same he had created Ronaldo constant goal.


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Ronaldo is the best player

yes bro... i think so!