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Marijuana is one amongst the foremost abused medicine within the world. there's associate degree ever-growing gap between the most recent science concerning marijuana and also the myths encompassing it. Some folks assume that since it's legal in some places, it should be safe. however your body doesn’t recognize a legal drug from associate degree criminal drug. It solely is aware of the result the drug creates once you have got taken it. the aim of this publication is to clear up a number of the misunderstandings concerning pot.

Marijuana is preserved as a smoke (joint), however can also be preserved in an exceedingly dry pipe or a shisha referred to as a “bong.” It may also be mixed with food and eaten up or brewed as tea. These ar known as “edibles” and ar coated thoroughly later during this pamphlet. typically users open up cigars and take away the tobacco, commutation it with pot—called a “blunt.” Joints and blunts ar typically laced with alternative, additional powerful medicine, like crack cocain or psychodelic drug (phencyclidine, a strong hallucinogen).


Where I live in oregon weed is legal.

It's good for people. It helps with ptsd and cancer, it helps with Alzheimer's and diabetes. Cannabis is a miracle plant.