DAILY DIGITAL DETOX: A Steemit Community Life Series & Reminder | E.15 - Intentionally / Regularly Unplugging + my Quick Engagement Poll to you!

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I have taken this subject pretty seriously over the years. You need time offline.

Regularly & Intentionally. For lots of reasons.


My plan with this series is to intentionally remind you, daily to get offline, give your brain, eyes, soul a break and time to reset and remind you that relationships with people can suffer if you are always on your phone and not PRESENT -- in every sense of the word.

The irony of bringing this series to you online, asking you to get offline, on an online blogging platform, is not lost on me.

There have been limited studies done on some of the effects of this digital hold on our lives and they are concerning to say the least. Social media use appears to encourage some of the following negative effects, some of which we hear about regularly now:


-Screen time/white light/activity appears to be causing insomnia/broken sleep cycles (circadian rhythm)

-Detached reality making our society and kids less empathetic and in touch with reality

Results from the few studies that have been done are troubling. Social media appears to promote narcissism, smartphones could be causing insomnia, and screens seem to be making our kids less empathetic.

Earlier posts in this series covered that in more detail.


Focus on making true genuine efforts to give others your attention:


"You should make the genuine effort to give people your undivided focus and attention," says one expert. " Consider how rude people will think you are if you're always checking your devices or texting etc. and this will likely make you more liable to give them all of your attention."

A constant tip is change 1 habit at a time, so I will keep this in the series.

Reminder: (see past posts) -- Try to use proper, healthy posture techniques always and be purposeful about this.


  • Stick with it and make notes daily about how you feel doing this! Share thoughts with a friend or 2!

I don't embed my sources like "professional bloggers" -- 9/10 times -- people don't click the sources anyways, let alone hover the cursor to even check quickly, and this way, they can SEE the sources / url's -- that's what I prefer myself anyways, so if i get flagged, I get flagged, I am trying to appeal to the masses here.

It is more than just unplugging intentionally as I call it -- it is a return to some societal values that we have abandoned in favour of having all the access to data and online resources we have -- a shift is required. However:

Intentional Unplugging as I call it -- is a huge and necessary step.

As a reminder of what we see daily in the PHYSICAL realm of problems, here is a graphic showing the damage of the neck and spine as it relates to pounds of pressure looking downwards all the time:

(Sorry this is grainy but I enlarged this 2x, so you could see it better. This is right from the Ontario Chiropractic Association (hard to read but that is the source) -- and I wanted this unedited, it was a jpeg and resizing those means less quality)

My Community Engagement questions to you, today, if you have read this far are simple and will evolve over time:

Did you INTENTIONALLY "unplug" or stay offline this week? How many times? Give yourself 1 point for each day in your reply!

Did you unplug with a family member / friends intentionally this week and thus CONNECT to them meaningfully? If yes, give yourself a point in the reply section?

Have you realized this is a problem in your life, because that is the FIRST step! If so - 2 points for you!

Are you aware of this problem around you and your friends and family and have you addressed it with others? If so, you get a point also! ( Note I have always used the word "addressed" in this series, some people confuse this word with telling others what to do.... this is not the same thing. Dialogue with others is the goal. Awareness.)

Did you put your devices in another room at dinner time and at bedtime this week intentionally? That's a point each time, champ! List it! Think on it!!

Please tally up your points, list it in a reply and please open up about how you feel about these issues in your life and the world today!! Why??

Because this is a Community Resource and I care and we are all in this together. None of us are getting out alive.

That is the end of today's post in this series. I wanted to cover all the basics in the Series constants, as usual, for all the new people reading this post for the first time,

If you are still reading -- thank you very much and have a nice day. I hope something here helps you.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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I'm totally with you Barry, unplugging is essential :) It's great for you to make this post and remind people to do it though!

Funny, today I put up a post about the ultimate unpluggers-or more accurately-the never plugged in to begin with:


I went to a week long deliverance retreat about 60 mins SW of my house years ago the year after I found Jesus near a mountain in a largely Amish territory LOL

The time i broke my phone was one of the best weeks. I was able to have some really good time with my wife that would have been spent answering emails. Moderation in all things. :)


This is such a good reply, great feedback my friend, thanks !!



Thank you for these reminders. Newbie here! Upvoted, resteemed and following!


Thanks Dawn!!!