A wedding without pastries?

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So the last time I posted (8 days ago!!) I was complaining about the horrid day of car restoration I had had.
Yes, I do complain a lot

It was a crazy week of dogsitter meetings (I'll be snuggling hard on my friend's dog while she's away over Thanksgiving week), dress shopping (shopping wednesday for a friday wedding...), a wedding, and of course my week would not be complete without some sort of car trouble. This time it was my Honda. Luckily, it was a 'no charge' situation, but I'm saving that day for another post.

The wedding.
I was looking forward to it, truly, for some cake. I had been sweets and booze free for most of the week in preparation for a long night of cocktails, cake and dancing.
This couple is not afraid to have nice things and go all out when there's entertaining to be done. They did it all themselves, with the exception of the pizza truck they also had.
When we got there, they were still setting up the appetizer table. We went out to admire the view from the second floor (of 3) deck, at the bride's dad's house.
We also watched the pool cleaning robot for a bit, before going in to see what the rest of the guests were up to.
Apparently, we were to have a bite and a cocktail while they got their pictures taken. It was basically a big charcuterie table, which I'm totally down for. They did have a couple guys tending their little makeshift bar in the little screened porch area. weddinghouse.jpg
view from outside on the deck shows the food table and the little faux grass carpeted screened porch. I kinda loved it!

After the ceremony, which was sweet and non-denominational and emotional (the bride has a young son that they included in a plant ...um... planting ceremony), we wandered around as they brought out some more food.
This round was a salad, my friend brought his bacon and scallop chowder, and some other tidbits. The important thing to note here is that no one mentioned the fact that this was available! No one said 'the pizza is ready!'
Clearly they did not understand how excited I was to have pizza.

At any rate, we discovered this new round of food as we were headed in for another drink. I had had just 2 bourbons. No biggie. But I had to get up and get my car to be fixed the next morning so I was done. I was mostly waiting for cake, anyway.
So I ordered what the girl in front of me got...she was 12...it was a Shirley Temple.

So people were chatting and goo-gooing over the littles (not my thing) and they finally said it was time for cake.
Now let me just mention that I saw this when we first arrived
...cute, but certainly NOT the wedding CAKE, right?

Sadly, this was the cake. Just cheese.
Now, I love cheese ...I mean, for me, life is all about eggs, pizza, cheese and CAKE.
I waited all week for a piece of wedding cake. I was crushed.
Well, maybe the vibe will pick up. I mean, I wasn't really sure why we were there in the first place. It was a tiny group of mostly family and a few of their very good friends. People who all hang out as couples doing things they all have a mutual love for.
These are not my people. I knew the bride and groom, and 2 other couples. And those 2 other couples are much better friends with the bride and groom.
It was a night that truly fucked with my anxiety.
Hubs wanted to 'mingle'...I wanted to stand on the deck alone and look at the stars.
We left before 8. There wasn't even any dancing! The bride and her girlfriends are dancers for crying out loud!

It was a weird little wedding for two wonderful people. I do wish I could relax in crowds of strangers, but I just did not know what to do with myself.

If only there had been cake. I would've settled for a sugar cookie by the end of the night.

I will leave you with one happy thought...
...the bouquet was beautiful.

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