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RE: 5 Biblical Reasons Why The Rapture May Happen In September 2019

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Nothing rational points to the Rapture happening in September. It's absolutely laughable. It's good to watch the signs but it's extremely foolish to make predictions.

Jesus said to keep watch because our Lord would return at a time when we don't expect him.

I think that the Ezekiel 38 and 39 attack on Israel must happen before the Rapture because the passages in Ezekiel say that Israel will use the weapons for fuel for seven years. So I think there's no other rational conclusion other than that attack happens first.


I don't think it makes a lot of difference whether the Ezekiel war is just before or just after the rapture as far as the 7 years goes. It will be a very short war, God will make sure of that. The earthquake of Ezekiel 38 could also reduce Damascus to rubble, fulfilling Isaiah 17:1...