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Let's be a measure for you. Find directions, it's a job. You can also enhance your navigational skills, making your life easier.
A talent that should be with more adventurous people. Those who want to stay in the country need to escape to cities, everyone must learn navigation techniques. The direction is that students who are new to education life are at different stages of life until the age of military service. In our article, we will repeat the guidelines with basic information; as well as methods effective in finding directions.

On the Significance of Direction Finding Technique
We can determine the location in the world and draw your new route. There are many obstacles and wisdom at the point of destination and destination. For example; Hills, mountains, rivers ... At this point, you need the right direction and technical skills to deal with this issue.

Persons who did not know the direction finding technique were observed in a survey where they lost their emotions, if they were going to one place they had introduced over time. An interesting example is that we do not want to explain the importance of navigation. They are using their right foot, making stronger and longer steps. On the left side it travels much faster, along a sloping path as you walk on one side of the area. Direction finding technique is applied considering this fact.


Tracking the Sun
If you learn the instructions well, the sun is the product. Where we find it, we should see the side of the Sun where it is born. The sun is rising from the east. If we stretch the right arm to the east, it is to the left; north future, south south. Your direction can be determined in this way.

Using a method of finding directions by using the sun; noon, when the sun is at the top. Put a bar to place it where the sun is exactly at the top (also called the bar method). The shortest shadow of the bar is always north. The right side is the south, the right side is the east and the left side.

If you can not wait for lunch time here, the party is still in place. Mark the location of the first shadow. As cloudy hours change, the cloud will change. Then mark another point. First job, put it on the left side. In this way, the road from left to right is shown in the north.

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