Would you trust an AI for a legal work?

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This is definitely an interesting question. We are completely moving towards AI and automation everywhere. We already have so many application automated that helps in reducing manual effort. Any automation work will initially have rejections from general public due to obvious reasons. People will be quite afraid to adopt a system to which they have to give complete control. But when the fact comes where everyone in the world is doing that way, they will obviously start adapting. That's how we have evolved so far. For many innovations and inventions we always had rejections from a group of people. But if someone with big power decides that it is the right way to go, people will start following. 

We all know that we have so many flaws in the applications that we are using for our day to day activities. I know for the fact that people are rejecting to sign up themselves for Aadhar number thinking that it has potential threats. Of course every system will have potential threats. The main reason behind the doubt to adopt new things is because of the trust we have. I'm sure most of the people hate Aadhar in India because they don't really trust the system completely. But for me, we all will require a unique identification and considering that fact in mind, I would say that it is good to go for an Aadhar system. Similarly when AI starts doing things for us, initially it can be awkward for some people but gradually if it is making our work easier, then people will start using the features extensively. 

Real time example

I know some friends who have already started using IOT devices for their day to day activities. Though it is not completely AI, it is kind of an artificial intelligence system that makes use of internet to act smart. When I say about IOT devices, I'm talking about Google Home and Echo. They are being used extensively by some of my friends. They talk to these devices almost all the time asking the device to be their assistant. I'm not going to say if this is the right way or wrong way, but all I'm saying here is that people cannot get rid of a new technology that is emerging. 

They will either have to adapt to the new technology or they will somehow be forced due to circumstances to be able to adopt new technologies. So my point here is that we are not the one deciding whether we will welcome new technology or not. The circumstances decides and we end up with no other options. Today we are able to see only a very few people with no mobile phones. At the same time there are also many people with more than one mobile devices and even old age people who don't have extensive use, still have a high end smartphones in their hand without having any knowledge on the features it possess. That is how the mankind will be pushed towards new technologies. 

My personal opinion

Well, so far I have been so much generic about the thoughts and I did not stick to the question. I would like to give my personal opinion in this context. If there are AI systems emerging and that is making my work easier, I will definitely start using them. Today for bank transactions, I find it more comfortable to use several apps to transfer funds and make transactions. Once upon a time when this feature was introduced, people had the same question in mind asking if it will be legitimate to use mobile applications for financial transactions. The situation has completely changed. I feel the same will happen for AI as well. Whether it is legal or not, initially there will be some rejections or kind of hesitation in the mind of people and later it will be sorted gradually. 

Once people start understanding what this technology is all about, they will gradually start adopting the technology. I don't think we will have any potential threats like how we see in movies. The things that are projected about AI in movies are extreme exaggerations and I don't think it can really happen in real life and we can go ahead with adopting this technology without any hesitation. I really feel that AI will definitely go a better job in legal aspects and there is a high possibility that rules can be made strict and corruption can be greatly controlled. I would definitely trust the system if it is capable of doing something for good. 

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Yes, why not? It sounds like a new form of AI-racism. :)

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