How do you become a "morning person" if you have trouble getting out of bed?

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I always wanted to be a morning person in my life and the reason being it has lots of good effects. I have struggled a lot during my young days to achieve that. Most of the times when I used to plan to get up early in the morning, I have failed. With some analysis, I was able to find some solutions to this problem. 

The beauty of the morning time is really a gift for the mankind. In order to observe and enjoy that, we should be surrounded by lots of natural things. Then only we will be able to realize it. People say that energy level in the morning is very high compared to that of other times of the day. I have personally felt it. So I really find it highly convincing to get up early in the morning and be active. From my observation you can become a "morning person" only out of practice and not just like that. If you rise early every day, it gradually becomes a practice and makes it easier to get up early.  Some of the below things actually help me in becoming a "morning person". You can try and see if that works for you. 


Alarm is something that most people prefer using to wake in the morning. If we are living a natural live, we may not need it but for initial practice to wake up early in the morning, it is wise to use an alarm clock as a waking up tool. Most of the people have the habit of keeping alarm and waking up for the alarm sound. It is quite common. But like you said, more than 80% of people try to snooze the alarm multiple times. I have few tips for you. 

  • Do not keep the alarm near your bed. Keep it in a place where you have to getup and move a little bit to hit the snooze button or switch it off. 
  • The wake up time you set in your alarm should be precise. You should not give a room for adjusting time or hitting the snooze button. If the time you set is precise you have no other option than waking up or else you will be late to your next activity. 
  • Instead of having a physical alarm, you can ask someone else to wake you up. It can either be your family members or you can ask your friends to call you in the morning to wake you up. This can do better job than a physical alarm. 

If you practice yourself to wake up at a particular time in the morning with alarm, you gradually get used to it and at a later point in time, you will not require an alarm to wake up.  Your dependency on an alarm will gradually reduce. 

Early to Bed

Going early to bed is an important thing every individual should follow. We can't directly blame the morning time alone. It is quite obvious that you feel a bit more tired in the morning because you were very active till late night. No one will be able to have a pleasant morning if they had to be awake till late night. I don't really have to explain how harmful it is to stay awake late night. There are many scientific reasons on why you should not be awake late night. 

Today mobile phones have been a great hurdle for people preventing them from sleeping early. People are so addicted to mobile phones so they spend lots of time in their mobile phones before they go to bed. It not only prevents them from sleeping but it also creates harm to their eyes and body metabolism. 

Every individual will be getting a sleep at around 9 or 10 no matter what. It is the nature of the human body. It is just us who force the body stay awake for some more time and drag it till late night. When our body is asking for sleep, we have to give it. If you gradually bring it as a practice to get early to bed, waking up early in the morning will be a piece of cake. 

Don't sleep again after you wake up

Some people have  a practice of getting back to bed after they wake up. Either they do it immediately or after they brush their teeth. They are used to taking short naps. This ideology should be changed. This is something that should be taken completely out of their mind. This practice can create lots of laziness in the body. Even when your mind is ready to live the day, you body will still continue to look for rest and will force the mind to be lazy all the time. This should be completely changed. 

Always keep in mind that you take only one good night sleep and not short sleep here and there. If you plan multiple short sleeps even during the daytime, there is a high possibility that laziness can hit you hard throughout the day. It will not only disturb your sleep cycle but it will also affect your other activities for the day. 

Setup a fixed time

If you are planning to wake up early and make it a practice, then you have to train your body in such a way to wake up in fixed time. If your fixed time is 5 am make sure you wake up and make it a practice at sharp 5 am. One day if your plan for 5 am and the next day if you plan for 6 am and some other day if you plan for a 4 am wake up, it becomes a big confusion for your body. Your body will not be able to take up the routine at all. 

If you fix the time as 5 am. Do it for nearly a month without any miss. Your body will gradually pick up and will be able to automatically wake up without any hesitation even if you do not have any necessity to wake up early. 

It all comes with a good practice. Do lots of practice to bring perfection. All the best!!

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Hello @bala41288 :)

Well, I am forwarding this post to my husband right now 😂

He doesn't have to get up early to go to work, as he is fortunate enough to manage all from home. But the downside is that his sleeping habit is terrible! I don't know how many time he has tried to start a new early-start routine and fall back into his old ways. Oh Gosh!

Admittedly he is doing the opposite of what you presented in your alarm list and loves taking his gadgets to bed. Ow ...

Thank you for putting this piece together Balla! ;)


Ha ha ha. 😂 I will be really happy if my post really helps your husband. 😂 Though I write a neat post on this, I'm not very good at practising it. My job nature is like that. I sometimes force myself to work on things overnight.

I would say even though we fall back, we shouldn't stop trying again and again, with an intention that it will become a routine one day for sure. 😊 Thanks for the comment Abi. 😊

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Greta post, and good advise a lot is getting yourself into a routine

Hi, I really have a hard time getting up in the morning.
If I go partying, no, but to go to work, it costs me
Happy day