Will you be leaving this planet better or worse than you found it?

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The sense of fulfillment that comes from being able to do things that doesn’t only benefit me, but benefits others is in my opinion priceless. I would rather go 50 miles lesser than what I would have gone travelling with others than travel alone just to go that far.

That sounds more like a riddle and I believe most will find it difficult to understand the complexity of the construct that led to that statement; the statement is as deep as how far my thought can carry me. Having the sense of a stalling progress is quite discouraging but I encourage myself from time to time knowing the greater reward; a life live to better other lives.

whatever we do for self, we take with us; but whatever we do for others we leave behind...

What we are known for will in no way outlive what we will be remembered for. If you are a music artiste for example; you may be known for doing the best pop songs but once you die, you can’t do any other pop songs but you could be remembered for how many things you’ve done that can never die with you.

the wisest of all men is the one that invests more in assets that will outlive him… he thinks about when he’s gone and that’s the undercurrent for all his actions.

We brought nothing into this world and we’ll surely be leaving with nothing. However, we will surely be leaving something behind. What will you be remembered for? We will either leave this planet better or worse than we found it. And the choice is always being flaunted before our eyes.

Great people understand this and they make this a point in determining what actions they embark on and how they scale through life. I have said it countless times that the pathway to greatness is selfless service.

Now is not the time to serve self, now is the time to seek to make a global impact. I will surely see you at the top as you make a resolve to do this from now onward.

Thanks for reading this is Bait and I'm gladly bringing you word from the offline minnow school a project where I train people through STEEM and through life.

For those who seek to know what this project is all about, you can read that below;

For those who seek to know what this project is all about, you can read that below;


At this stage, we teach some minnows at our offline classroom to help attain self-sustenance. These minnows will then work with us as a team, reproducing other minnows. Currently, we have just wrapped up with Phase 1. And Phase 2 which is more demanding kicked off already. We have already recorded a track which you’ll find @theminnowschool. We are also in the process of recording a next track but the negotiation is still ongoing.


This basically is the core of the vision is to raise steem-backed entrepreneurs of young people. The method through which we execute the absolute idea goes as follows;

  • SKILL ACQUISITION PROJECTS: where various skills will be taught to foster the emergence of new entrepreneurs that thrive on voluntarism.

  • THE MINNOW SCHOOL TALENT HUNT: we greatly hope to give minnows who are not really writers but have other gifts such as singing, painting, dancing, acting a platform to express themselves and get their creativity beyond their minds. Basically, we are giving these young people a voice and ultimately awaken the writer in them.

  • THE MINNOW SCHOOL ART/MUSIC EXHIBITIONS: here talented young people will get to showcase their talents and the value they have to offer to the community. We will be sponsoring art projects and professional music careers will emerge with this.

One of our sponsored recording session

An offline Open-mic session;

One of our own

Our offline campaigns

Thank you very much guys for reading. It's been a pleasure serving you through the means. I hope you make an unwavering commitment as a response to the content of this article and build the best version of your blog.

know this and always remember that your blog today is not all that there is to obtain...

Thank you for visiting today. I am @bait002 and I am a lover of steemit.

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