Thing to Avoid to be SUCCESSFULL

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If being successful permits you to copy other people’s habits then, success is easy.

You’ve probably read articles that talks about how successful people live their lives, their habits. The issue with those type of articles is, they try to give you conditional promises like

“Eat five (5) eggs with bacon, wash your hair with tomato water, do twenty (20) push-ups, don't forget to do your daily affirmations, AT THE SAME TIME.”

In this post we'll be looking at a list of things that we shouldn’t do to be successful, but if you are struggling with some of these habits, don’t worry, no one’s perfect, it's something you can work on.

(1). Always Distracted

Greg McKeown's book Essentialism is one book I love. He tells the story of when he saw his former classmate, some years after graduating.

During their conversation, he told McKeown that he was working two jobs and asked for help from McKeown. About twenty-five seconds into the conversation the guy got a message in his phone and got distracted that started looking down to his phone and started responding, forgetting that someone else was standing there. According to him Ten seconds passed then twenty. Finally after 2 minutes he gave up and left the obsessive texter.

The simple lesson learned from that story is that, don’t live your life in thoughts of the past and worry for the future then miss out on great opportunities, If that guy from the example was present, he might have got an awesome job recommendation from Greg McKeown.

(2). They always Talk The Talk

Something better than talking about something is actually Doing it.

We see it all the time on social media and also in real life, you'll be getting updates like; “I’m training for a marathon.” “I’m starting a company.”

The funniest thing is how people react, they basically applaud you for announcing your ambition. Saying you want to run a marathon and actually running a marathon are totally two different things.

Although our mind has a way of tricking you into feeling that it’s already done, when you’ve felt that satisfaction, you'll begin to feel less motivated to put in the actual hard work necessary to carry it out.

Be an individual that talks and does things no someone that talks and sleeps it off.

(3). Always in the Company of Losers

When you spend some much time with losers, and you’ll gradually become one. Apply this analogy to any type of person.

Do you want to be enlightened? Hang out with smart enlightened people. Iron sharpens iron.

(4). Shun Everything

I've been with people who talk ill of other people, when I got to look into it, I noticed that they did that because they are doing well. What will it take away from you to be happy for other people? You can still be cool and be positive. I mean you should be getting ideas on how to make better decisions when heading towards the path of success. if you always hate everything, you’ll have a bad and disturbing LIFE.

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