Live life to fullest, or live with regret

in #life3 years ago

At this current time in your life, do you have any regrets? If so, what are they? Missed opportunities, missed love connections? What is it?

I am currently 26 years old, and like most, I of course have regrets. I don't think I've met someone who doesn't at least have a few of their own regrets. I got into a conversation at a family dinner about this recently and it got me thinking.
The thing I'm going to be talking about is taking risks and chances. Especially when you're young, you need to experience life! Don't just bottle yourself up, don't be scared to talk to that person you like! You only live once, so LIVE it.

I can say from personal experience, I wish I did more things, and this is my biggest regret. When I was younger, I was a "good kid". I never got in trouble in school, I never snuck out of the house, overall just a goody two shoes I guess you can say. I can say now that I regret this, I don't have any fun memories to share with people. Oh you remember that time I got so drunk and did this and this? I don't have those.

Sure, I had a few times I would get drunk and party at a friend's house, but it was never anything too crazy. I was quite boring

My cousins were the fun ones, always in and out of trouble. They always have all these fun stories to tell. Like pool hopping in the neighbors' pools, one of my cousins pulled the fire alarm at school (and still gets talked about to this day, it was quite the "event"), they would sneak out of their house, and there's so much more.
I wish I had some of these! I can't even think of anything crazy that I did off the top of my head, and now that I have a daughter I obviously have to continue to walk the path of "straight edge".
Now, I'm not saying go rob a bank, or intentionally hurt someone. But go have fun, go pool hopping, ask out the person you like, pull a fun prank, go on adventures. Live life to the fullest and laugh often. Or else you'll end up a bitter old woman like me :P

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