Chocolate and coffee are going extinct?!

in life •  4 months ago

Hi there,

Do you like chocolate, coffee, or peanut butter? A lot of people can't get through the day without coffee and don't get me started about chocolate... 😅

I have been surfing the interwebs as one does when I stumble across some concerning news. Apparently, they could go extinct in the near future.

Cocoa, coffee, and peanut plants are being threatened by the spread of fungal diseases. These diseases are caused by climate changes. It could potentially spread all over the world. Some of these plants are very sensitive to climate, especially Cocoa. It's suggested that there will be a heavy shortage of chocolate by 2050. 😶

They might likely become more expensive and scarce going forward. Chocolate and coffee are like natural antidepressants. A lot of people aren't quite themselves without coffee. Just imagine the chaos.

Anyway, let's brighten things up a bit... what's your favorite chocolate? How do you like your coffee?

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I don't think I could function without coffee. Forget getting up early for work or school. The deep hibernation is coming.

Must be a way we can reengineer these beans to be more resistant against climate change and diseases. I wouldn't be surprised if they're vunerable because they're all the same species and not too diverse genetically.

-puts chocolate in fresh hot coffee-

es preocupante