7 Top Reasons why your guy won't invite you for a sleepover again

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Sometimes sleepover reveals a lot about your partner, especially when you have a future plan for the relationship. Interestingly, sleepovers are fast becoming a trend in most courtship and it enables you to know your partner better.
During sleepovers, you tend to discover some habits your partner has been hiding from you unconsciously. However, in this article, you will learn some of the reasons your guy don’t invite you for a sleepover again.

Top 7 Reasons Your Guy Don’t Invite You For A Sleepover Again

#1. You Always Carry Too Much Luggage

One of the reasons your guy don’t invite you for a sleepover again is probably because he is luggage-phobic. In other words, you scared him the last time with your big luggage. Perhaps, he thinks you are looking for a way to move in. So, if you ever have the chance to go there again, try to correct this impression by packing very light. Trust me, this will give him the confidence to invite you next time.

#2. You Always Leave His House Unkempt and Messy

This is definitely a red alert for guys, no reasonable guy tolerate a lady that is unorganized. Therefore, he will definitely not invite you for a sleepover again if you left his house unkempt the last time you went.

It is advisable to leave the house cleaner, neater and more organized than you met him. I assure you this, he will be the one calling to invite you over again, because not only him but the entire apartment miss your presence.

#3. You Deliberately Leave Some Of Your Stuff In His House

Ladies are fond of doing this and it always creates a bad impression about them to their lovers. When you start leaving some of your stuff like bra, undies, cream, shoes and some other female stuff in a guy’s house, you are making that person feel uncomfortable. He may interpret it as a calculated strategy to move in with him. This will definitely discourage him from inviting you in future.

#4. Sneak Through His Phone

As a rule, never sneak through your man’s phone, even if you are there for a sleepover. You should respect his privacy and what he does with his phone.

As a matter of fact, nothing irritates most guys than their lady sneaking through their phone. It could be one of the reasons your guy don’t invite you for a sleepover again.

#5. Eat Uncontrollably In His Place

Some ladies are so funny, they don’t even have an iota of shame. They will go straight to the guy’s kitchen and start eating his food uncontrollably.

Embarrassingly, they may end up having stomach upset in his place. Mhen, this doesn’t speak well of you at all, it creates a very wrong impression.

#6. Deprived Him Of Seeing A Football Match

Most guys out there don’t joke with football matches. They will go extra miles just to see a football match. However, when you start depriving him of seeing football games because you want to watch Zeeworld and Telemundo, he may not find this funny. The next time you want to come around for a sleepover, he wouldn’t want you to come.

#7. When You Are Rude To His Friends
Never underestimate the power of your boyfriend’s friends. They can say things that will discourage him from allowing you to come around. So, try to be nice to them throughout the short period you will spend with him.

Source: http://www.24hoursreporter.com/2018/11/07/7-reasons-your-guy-dont-invite-you-for-a-sleepover-again-2/!Michael Babalola 20180131_220617.jpg

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