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In 1947 , the independence of India from British colonial rule result in the partition of India by carving out the eastern and north eastern corners of the country which came to be known as East and west Pakistan. with the vast differences of culture and language. Ever the years the west Pakistani Government imposed various administrative , linguistic, military, civil and economical controls. This led to the nine months long liberation war in 1971 leading to the formation of independent Bangladesh. The war left an estimated 200000 woman raped by the Pakistani army and RAZAKARS ( local Bengali collaborators )
Woman had access to abortion ( which was again globally unprecedented in1972 ) or were encouraged to put their children up international adoption. The Government attempted to marry off the “war heroines “ but woman who did not want to marry , demanded training and jobs which were provided by the Government . Women were accepted by their families or lived in women s hostels, working in various government jobs.

The American feminist Susan Brown miller, quoting all these steps of statistics in her 1975 book “ Against our will: Men women and rape”””. Compared the rapes of Bangladesh with the rapes of Chinese woman by Japanese soldiers at Nanjing in 1937 to 1938.
As a young teenager in 1971, I had heard a lot about female university students ,” yours village girl and woman being raped and held captive, effectively forced in to sexual slavery, in the military cantonment , But after the war , very soon, one heard nothing nothing more” said Irene khan , former secretary general of Amnesty International............

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