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Dr B.V Raman states - the inter relations between the planetary and steller positions
and the sentiments of men and woman are very intimate.Apart from the other astrological
consideration, mars, and Venus are to be carefully consideration, it can not be coincidence
that divorce, separation, and crimes of passion increase when ever there is a conjunction of
Venus and mars in the heavens, especially when the constellation involved are those
of malefic planets.
The Venus , mars configuration could of course be one of the contributing factor children
born when there is a Venus mars conjunction should be brought up in a disciplined manner
and should be made to avoid dissipating habits of immediate pleasure. The adverse
facts of the conjunction could be made to express through constructive channels, if
Jupiter aspects the combination or is in quadrant there from.
Accordingly female horoscope it is said that even signs are feminine and odd signs
are masculine. If the birth moon or Chandra falls in even sign, the girl will have feminine
characteristics. If they have beneficial aspects conjunctions the female will be
beautiful, will have ornaments, and will be respected. If the lagna, or the ascendant
and the moon fall in odd sign the female would be masculine in character.appearance
and temperament, would have bad character and would be sinful.
Present context is the state of happiness or harmony in married life. This is the area of
investigation in which the Indian astrological system has special contribution to
Marriage is a necessary step , rather an important step to making the individual
socially happy and well adjusted by making the concerned persons maritally
The horoscope tallying of the prospective marriage partners is intend to show whether
both the partners would be mutually helpful to each other and as such whether
there is any possibility of both of them having their life journies together
Three natures are astrological prognostication . DEVA , MANUSH, RAKSHAS. That is
different in nature.Yoni Kuta, reveals sexual compatibility and example Yoni
Kuta falls the girls horoscope that is deer, and falls in male s horoscope that is
tiger yoni. means what can imagine.At the time of occurrence definitely the
girl show her fear . vice versa girls horoscope falls in rakshas yoni kuta and boy
horoscope falls in devata yoni kuta, there sexual relation will be destroyed no
fruitfulness accordance will be entity.
6th house rules the case matters, litigation,when 6th lord in 7th house or 7th
lord in 6th house , or 6th 7th conjunct, the separation takes place after lot of
legal proceeding. 6th house is 12th from 7th, so it is the loss of marriage.
Retrogression 7th lord and 8th house affected by Rahu, Mars, Sun or
Saturn , chances of separation. in navamsa chart very prominent, Venus and
ketu conjunction in navamsa is the indication of divorce.
So there are more astrological points for divorce.There are various remedies
for possibility of divorce.
a) Before marriage match properly both of horoscope.
b) worship Lord Siva and Mother Gauri regularly.
c)Gauri Sankar Rudrakhsya etc..........
Parenting to female internal and external organs would be common to both
types of woman, but the female would have the prime importance of the seventh
the fifth, and the eighth house which should be examined in the context, if these
houses are well position , happiness could be prophesied, otherwise they should
turn their gaze to the special planetary disposition and try to propitiated
those planets.......NAMHA SIVAYA.

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