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When someone s Kidney fails, it means it is stopped working as far require. So No survive
without Transplant or dialysis. Mostly seems it causes by other health problems that have
cause Permanently kidney damage. Require filter your blood and remove toxins from your body.
Kidney sends toxins to your bladder, removes toxins through urine . After it continues to get
worse are less and less able to do their jobs. Important note , you have chronic disease , may it cause the last stage renal disease. High blood pressures Diabetes are common causes.
Sometimes sudden stop of function and failure of kidney, cause may----
1)- Urinary track infection
2)-Enough blood not circulating to kidney.
3)- un littered drugging.
4)- Heart attack.
Acute kidney may cure after consultation with concerning specialist . May it go back normal if
You have no other health problem.
Symptoms starts---------

  1. sleeping trouble
  2. breathing trouble
    3)Either too much or nothing enough urine.
  3. not feels hungry.
  4. vomiting
    If some ones kidney stopped suddenly following symptoms are there—
    Nose bleeding
    Back pain
    Belly pain
    Kidney the part of the body , located the middle of your back. Just bellow the rib cage.
    Now a day’s living style man suffering. Lack of exercise , there is high blood pressure
    Cause of drugs, pain killers, nimuslite, Ibuprofen etc.
    Basically kidney ruled by 7th house of a natives horoscope. Affliction of 7th lord or 7th
    Causes kidney trouble .Jupiter and moon , the karaka of kidney disease .Libra sign is
    The Venus s house .ruled three nakshtra s are chitra, swati, and vishakha.(chitra3/4 pada
    In Tula for kidney and 0-6th.40 is bladder)vishakha 1/2/3 pada in Tula from 20”-30”
    These two nakhstra s have significance, one is Diabetes, insulin efficiency, liver
    Problems and kidney problems.
    The disease is 6th and 11th house from 6th is 8th house. The death house. The life threatening.
    And hospitalization house is 12th.the house indicate the bed.
    Determination of one s karma the past life the action deeds in past. That have yet to be
    Reflected spiritual and the dharma. 8th house considered as the location, its relation with any
    Malefic planet , sign occupied by the 8th lord, opposition to which planet those are the
    Lordship of which house.
    Three types of DOSA , our body made up by. VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA. When ever
    These three s are gating imbalanced , one of these three is gating deficiency or gating
    Execs the body (SARIRA) gating imbalanced.
    6th house of a horoscope is for disease , enemy, credit, so 6th lord indicates in its
    Identification where it is posited and in which conditional. There should be a consideration
    Of Dasa system . If a malefic planets dasa occurring with the 6th lord , or 6th lords
    Constellation or 6th house that to be considered and accordingly that merit the
    Situation s platform will be made.

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