Technology: YO HE HO

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He entered the world he had once known, he was dead for, he didn’t know how long. He couldn’t believe his eyes as it all has changed and was close to unreal. Everything was too advanced to be real for him. He was standing at a place where he could only see sun and a skyscraper, nice cage to live in he thought. The only familiarity he saw in that picture was sun that hadn’t change; he noticed the lights that were around him. Have the people discovered small sun tubes, he wondered, but seeing white light instead of yellow coming out of them he shook his head. He stepped outside of the building. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise coming from beside him, he jumped, wild animals must have attacked the place, he thought. But it was just a car which gave a horn. He saw the car and heard loud music playing on the decks of the car. He was stunned, cart thing but more advanced, and instead of pushing it people are riding it, cool! , he thought. He was getting a cultural shock when he searched for the players of music in the car he got nada, he stood there amazed as he noticed the people they hadn’t changed much, the only thing that was different about them was the way they clothed, the way they talked, the way the moved, the way they ate with those sticks maybe a lot has changed but he couldn’t understand why he felt as if humans were the same as they were in the stone ages. He passed three weeks wondering around, eating strange but delicious food, getting lifts. The thing he enjoyed the most was how he didn’t has to hunt every time he wants to eat a meal. He was stunned by everything he was seeing, he saw the phones, iPod’s and laptops, people have some kind of blocks in their hands, he observed, none of them seemed to take their eyes off them, maybe it was because something bad was going to happen and those blocks were going to warn them. Once in a daytime he entered a building, everyone was in a rush like someone found a deer to hunt, or maybe there was going to be a fight between tribes. While he was there no one seemed to notice him, he was impressed by everything, the housing, the clothing, their transport, their offices everything seemed so easy but he couldn’t get why everyone seemed so depressed and tensed. He saw how their lives were easier yet they were not acknowledging the things they had. Suddenly, he felt the earth beneath him tremble it was like an earthquake, but voice was so loud it cracked the glass in the building, it was like the time he heard volcanoes explode, he could hear a lot of people shouting, asking to vacate the place. He followed the crowd and heard some people talking that the explosion was a bomb, another terrorist attack, they said. He saw the buildings he just was admiring down in the ground, people scattered all over the place like group of deer when lions enter their territory. It was like all has changed but nothing. Technology, they claim it may have entered their homes, they might breath it, drink it but what is the use of it all. How he saw the world in those weeks he knew what they had done with their time and resources, in a struggle to make their lives easier they made it harder for themselves. He observed how technology helped them in all kind of ways, they had screens where different shows would show, the air conditioners, the banks, the houses, the education, the robots, the computers, internet, all kinds of entertainment. But he also watched the blasts, the fights, murdering was as simple as killing a fly now, the air was as polluted as it could be, mother nature was so far away He observed how people don’t have time, even for themselves, they think they are relaxed and happy, but ones who hasn’t tasted happiness knows nothing what they are starving themselves from. How the humanity, empathy and love lacked in their personalities, the things which made them human are lacking. They may be advanced, they may have grown, and they might claim they have freedom but in reality they are captives of their own inventions living in the prisons of their own priorities. He closed his eyes waiting for the next nap that he can have on his last day in this world, the world which once was his. Hoping to have a more positive visit the next time he wakes from his nap.

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