My Last 30 Days Humanitarian Activities Overview

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Human Rights Activists

My last 30 days was wonderful with humanitarian activities including some amazing works that have never done before.As a human rights activist, I run a charitable school ( +School For SDG4 ) . My school has 53 underprivileged children who are provided free access to Quality Education which is 4th Sustainable Development Goal of UN.

It was holly month of Ramadan, the month Muslims celebrate by prayer, fasting, and charity. You are informed about my school @schoolforsdg4 is doing community based work from online revenue and alternative sources of earning. My school was blessed during Ramadan.

Women Empowerment


I was with Women Empowerment where we provide training to underprivileged women and girls. We focus on Sustainable Development Goal 5 Developed by UN. My organization Road To 2030 works to promote their work so we can ensure women empowerment and gender equality in Bangladesh.


Quality Education is 4th Sustainable Development Goal of UN and it is now basic human rights for all children. I was with school children and took a selfie with them. Children was so happy having my company. The School For SDG4has 53 underprivileged children this year (2017).


I am distributing fruits to students of @SchoolForSDG4. The health program at School For SDG4 contribute our community children health development. Most of the families are not affordable to buy healthy fruits for their kids. The weekly fruits distribution for underprivileged kids is one of most important programs of my school.


We organized Ifter Mahfil for them for around 50 underprivileged kids at @SchoolForSDG4 . Children ate foods with us and I had very nice moment with the kids. The event was live one our Facebook Page and later I uploaded the Ifter event on our school's youtube channel

Foods for Underprivileged kids


We Distributed foods to 100 underprivileged
children at Gashitula, Mukambari, Sylhet.

Watch My work video


We arranged Ifter and Eid Gifts Allocation Program for 50 Underprivileged Children at @SchoolForSDG4 Please visit our FB page if you are more interested to see details.


It was one of best efforts in my life. We distributed EID gifts to 43 underprivileged families. I have shared some pictures on other post here.

Other Post:

Watch My Last humanitarian activities

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Great work The world need more guys like you! Good fortunes mate! Aloha Al

Thank you for your appreciation @coffeedrinker51 and Hope you will help us in future by encouraging our work and help us to promote them. I believe the sharing and is big caring about what you love. So it also crate awareness at least. I would like to be connected you more. :)

Well we should thank you for your time and effort that help many souls. It will be returned to you a thousand times over! Keep truckin my friend! Aloha Al

I Aprreciate your Effort toward EDUCATION of Children from the Bottom of my Heart. God Bless you.

I am so glad that you are here too me. Never take my marketing strategy negative way, because it is sometimes find good people like you who loves to contribute when they find something positive. I wish to see you here long time and please follow my school account @schoolforsdg4 . If you have any question or need to ask anything please let me know at

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You are welcome. Happy to be connected here. MY school blog is @schoolforsdg4 . hope you get some information there too

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