Getting A Kitten & How She Helped My Mental Health (Despite The Unexpected Injury)

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I’ve always loved cats, but was never able to have one as a child as my mum is highly allergic. We even tried hypoallergenic ones, but still had no luck and ended up giving them to my aunt.

A few years ago I moved in with my now ex-boyfriend who lived in an apartment block that allowed pets. I went shopping for a goldfish and came home with a beautiful ginger kitty, and later added a little grey tabby to our family. After we broke up I had to let the cats go, but I’ve missed them ever since.

Finally, I am in my own permanent home and I’ve been able to get a new kitty. A big part of this decision was down to my mental health. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I felt that I’d been able to manage my mental health a lot better when I previously had cats, so hoped that getting another furry friend would help me in times of distress. While this was a big part of the decision to get a new kitty now, I’d always planned to get my own cat when I had a place of my own. It was only a matter of time.

On June 4th I picked up Cookie. An 8 week old female who was everything I had imagined.

IMG_8637 copy.jpg





Things haven’t all been smooth sailing though. About two weeks after I got her, Cookie fractured her leg. She doesn’t sleep in my room so I can only imagine how it happened, but I remember the sinking feeling when I went in to feed her one morning and she was only walking on 3 legs. I was already going through a rough patch, so the stress of this didn’t help.



Nevertheless after about 8 weeks of being stuck in a dog crate and 2 operations, Cookie recovered. We can’t be sure of the vet’s success yet though, as there is a chance her leg may not grow from one end. However Cookie seems happy to be out and about again and I’m very glad she’s okay. When she first got injured, I felt immense guilt as I’d not let her sleep in my room (as she was trying to play at midnight). I also feel in some ways I missed out on the most important time in her development, but the ordeal hasn’t seemed to have had much of an effect on our bond.






I have found my anxiety is a lot better since I got Cookie, even when she was in jail (the dog crate). Having a cat has also given me the push I needed to quit smoking and sort out aspects of my life I'd neglected, including simple things like getting my place sorted and buying a sofa (despite living here for almost a year, I hadn't yet gotten round to it).



You can follow Cookie on Instagram if you want to keep up with her progress @CookieMonster.jpg

You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube.

Do you have any pets? Have you found they've helped with you mental health?

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Cookie is awesome! Sorry to hear about her leg, it happens though!
You both look very happy together! Glad to see Cookie in a good home


We are very happy together! Thank you!

I couldn't live a life without those kind of "friends"
Wonderful story

thats a really nice story, i can understand you completely, in my opinion, cats are highly therapeutic and some of the most loyal friends one can have. i have 2 cats, one is a black one, wich i found and saved from the highway, and i can feel shes still gratefull that i saved her. im sure she realizes it. and the other looks kinda like yours :) for me having 2 cats around keep me from going crazy of loneliness xd so yeah they keep me sane ;) have a nice day and say hi to your cat for me :) ill be following you if you dont mind? :)


Cats are definitely therapeutic. I live alone and used to get lonely at times which would often trigger sad thoughts, but with Cookie around now things are much easier

Cute a cat..this is a male?

Aww she's gorgeous! Hopefully her leg will heal soon. I have four kittens as a result of her mother. Everyone asks us 'when are you giving them away' ... as if that's gonna happen lol.

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It's great that you've found a partner that makes you happy, congratulations! thanks for sharing!

Oh wow! Cute! My wife's name is also Cookie:)

that reminds me...

What a beautiful story!!
Nice to meet you, Cookie!

Meow meow
Armando 🐾

I wish i could have a kitten like Cookie but my apartment doesn't allow pets and i can't afford to move. Maybe some day i'll win the lotto and buy two cats. I'll keep hoping. Thanks for the post. It makes me happy to see a happy cat and happy people that love them. :)


Thank you! I hope you're able to get some in the not to distant future!

Cookie is so cute(^。^)かわいい(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Aww buddy you are so sweet! lets make a meow world together !
Follow me back!
happy life meowww