Reasons Why Most Relationship of Nowadays Fail.

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When we take a deep look at our society, we will hardly find a perfect home, and in most cases ladies are always complaining that they can't cope with the way their husbands cheat anymore,
My question is, have you ever call your husband's attention to inquire from him the main reason why he cheats before you initiate a breakup with him.

Candid speaking, why do men cheat?


In recent times, "Why do men cheat?" has been a question frequently asked by ladies.
I have decided to share my views on the matter. I hope you learn one or more things. Thanks for your audience always. Happy reading.

Above all, I do say something about love; "Love is accepting someone's bad habits, accepting to live by, as we are all imperfectly perfect." In love, especially, if it's True see no mistakes and fault, that's the sacrificial part of love, love stands and keeps waxing by 3 things, communication, trust, and understanding, they work hand in hand, and responsible for each other to keep love alive.

Regular and intact communication makes you understand your environment, whom you're into, try as much as possible to be open to your lover, they've the right to know everything that is going on in your life, there should be no hiding, because this only give room for understanding, and in turns open room for trust to take place.

So, if you have all this attributes in your love, you truly don't have the cause to cheat because, no other woman will appeal to you, you will see no woman better, and more beautiful than your woman, you will just look and carry your eyes away and be like, there's actually nothing she has that my woman doesn't have, because you're contented with what you have, True love brings about satisfaction and contentedness, love can't do with it, if you love someone truly, you will see not their flaws, especially when you don't have a specific reason for loving the person.

You love everything about the person, the way he/she smiles, the way they talk, the way they reason and every little thing about them, you're satisfied with. There will be no room for competition.

Back to the concept proper, Why do men cheat?, to my own understanding, I believe not that all men are promiscuous. Some people go astray because of the treatment they get from their various wives. There's this believe in Nigeria, most prominent amongst Yoruba people, that have now turned to a tradition. After marriage, some wives all of a sudden forget all their youthful ways, they start behaving like an aged woman in the name of acting like a married woman, being married doesn't always restrict you, some people start dressing old, in unnecessarily big and unfashionable unlike their youthful days, they've forgotten that their husband's doesn't see them as changed or different from when they were young lovers.

they start wearing big abayas, iro and buba and such even in the house, tho, it's understandable that you should dress moderately in public to avoid some things, but not when you're indoor with your husband. Drive him crazy with your dressing, looks and the way you do things, take time out to do things you did while you were young lovers, go on dates, not necessarily with your kids, leave the kids out, take them to their grandparents to spend some time, grandparents love to see their young children around.

Spoil each other, try new sex positions, do crazy things together, walk half naked or even completely nude in his presence, in the bedroom. Don't neglect your body, keep in shape and sexy, go to the gym, walk out together, even you can go out, there are some indoor workout you can do, push ups, sit ups, they help keep the body in shape, and avoid unnecessary fats.

They keep the body radiant and in shape. Wear body cons, rather too tight dresses that you feel comfortable in the house with your husband, all this amuses our husbands, don't be a boring and unromantic wife. Keep your youths alive, do things you know he likes, forget the fact that you're married, satisfy your husband, nothing helps keep him than this, nothing else can lure him except it's beyond comprehension.


Thanks for reading.

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