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You see your fellow man getting it and next thing you’re hating on him, when you can use that energy to work on yourself and be better but you chose to hate. Hatred that will make you age so quick, that will drain all your energy. Why not choose to rejoice with the people succeeding so they can put you through, so your own success can manifest too but NO you want to be an enemy of progress. Negative vibes won’t gain you anything instead will attract more bad things towards you. You can’t light your candle by blowing off someone else’s candle but you can light up yours by igniting it from their’s. I want you to be positive always, celebrate winners so you can be a winner too. Losers will always be losers as long as they don’t derive joy in seeing people win. Appreciate, fill your heart with love, stay away from hating. DON’T HATE

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