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Lately have been hearing and reading alot about people committing sucide , this is beyond sad. This could be your friend or my family member. Some of us don’t bother to check up on our loved ones anymore, we are all lost in getting the bag. Everyone is caught in the hustle, yeah I know times are hard and everyone is trying to survive but the world won’t be a happy place if our loved ones are no more . Take out time to check on them, be that friend who will take someone out of depression with talks and laughter. We all stopped being friends all in the name of everyone will be fine. BAD NEWS! Some of us are not fine, some need attention ( they need someone to talk and pour their heart to), some need financial help , some need shelter and health care. Not saying you can provide it all, but you can help them in creating awareness or reaching out to people who can help them. You can also bless them with the little you have, blessing others in every little we can attracts more blessing for us personally. I live by this mentality so nothing can be too big or little to give out, knowing it can change the situation even if it is a bit. Don’t ignore their situation, Please be that friend friend today.

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