False - You only live once !!

in life •  3 months ago


You only live once.
You live everyday.
You only die once!

It was meant to be funny,
but I found the truth in the words.

I don't want to just live every day.
I want to give my angels a show to enjoy!

Each day is a gift.
Don't let "The Joy Thief" steal it away!
Get up in the morning telling yourself,
I am going to make this the best day!
I am going to overflow with joy, love, happiness, excitement,
even if I just go to the grocery store!
I will not let anyone steal my joy!
We have only ONE life to live!
Every day is another chance to give it all you got!
Living, breathing, going after your dreams, making a difference!
Find the beauty in each day.
It will become a habit.
Make your angels dance for joy.
Give them a show.

Thank you !!


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hehehehehe it IS funny - and at the same time... it IS deep :)

I agree with you - let's live to the fullest, each day!

I am the kind of person who has fun even at the grocery store so when you said to enjoy even that, I really felt like we connected. Thanks for sharing. Keep steemin' and dreamin'!!!


Thanks for feeling connected!! I appreciate your comment that we should live each and every moment no matter where we are!! Just enjoy the life. I started following Man.


I also posted your link in the BuddyUp Discord channel. I like your flying eagle!