I drove 3500 miles across America in 11 days

in life •  last year

Just under a month ago we started the US leg of our tour..
We're a duo and the catch is... Only one of us can drive! (me... Jack)

Live in LA

To be honest, I didn't mind. I was really holding out high hopes for lots of nice scenery. And dear lord did I under estimate just how beautiful America is! In the space of 8 hours you can get flat fields > mountains > snow > barren dessert then mountains again!

America is BIG. They do everything BIG:

Also nothing would prepare us for just how different the downtown area of Salt Late City. This is me inside one of the Mormon Welcome Centres:

Everyone was incredibly kind and wanted to talk... being from London it kinda freaked me out lol. @anyx did a GREAT post on Salt Lake City if you want to find out more.

And going from Denver, where weed is legal, to Saly Lake City where the city centre is very devoutly religious to Las Vegas where... well... you know... was so entertaining.

In general, everywhere we went we met nothing but incredibly lovely people and bands. Bravo America.

Because most days we only got to drive into the city, set up, play the show then drive out of the city a few hours after to find a motel we never got to properly visit anywhere. But from the brief encounters I had on our tour I can now safely say I want to visit everywhere in America!

...whilst wearing this hat

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Amazing! The photos are nice! Looking forward to some detailed logs! :)

I did 10 Days and crossed 10 states ( From Northern California to Florida ) ... I loved it and can wait to go one day East North! I bet you had some fun! Great shots and update!


maybe he wanted to enjoy his trip and didn't speed for race! ;)
I traveled with my dog so it's always takes a little bit more time.


speeding is not required...just never stop.
'enjoyment' wasn't a factor. It's a job.


Damn, that's amazing all the way! have a great day!
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I do it in 3 too but months instead of days :P


Haha! That's the serious driving!


another day at the office for a long haul trucker.

I always wanted to do this while I was in the states but never got to do it.
Truly amazing experience. Thank you for sharing.

Fucking great trip, it has been in my plans for a couple of years and I'm hopefully making it within the next 5 years.
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You have to do it. I just wish we had more time between cities to explore a little

So I guess you could say that You hit the road Jack?


bravo lol


Always there for the puns

i love driving across america. so vast, feels like you can just vanish, you know?


Ha, at some points in the dessert you really could!

nice travel and pretty photos too, thanks for sharing.

that would take a lot of coffee or energy drinks for me lol what a trip!


And Slim Jims!

Wow, what a journey!

Now that looks like serious fun!

upvote and RS for u

Nice trip. Nothing like a nice drive on a deserted highway :)


Cruise control is my friend ;-)

wow You guys dont get tired. I drove from NYC to chicago and I Was soo exhausted.


That's a long way! The drive get's more interesting from there on.

Texas is waiting, if you're ever playing in San Antonio hit me up! Glad y'all had fun driving through the states!


We played SXSW a last year! Love that part of the world. Hoping to do a more extensive US tour next year

Wow! brave soul. Will try that one day....looking forward to it ;)


It's really is way more beautiful than you imagine :)